Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

Another year of scout day camp. Ethan only has one more year left until the "real boy scouts". He has enjoyed his week of day camp thus far. I was able to pick them up today so I took a couple quick pics with my camera phone. The quality isn't that good, but you'll get the general idea!
Landen, Austin, Ethan, and Taylor (The only boys from our ward there)

Landen's cool mask he made.

Ethan and Landen

Silly Boys!

Fun effects of being sprayed down by a fire truck and staying in wet shoes and socks all day!


Here are my pics from the race I did a couple weeks ago. I waited till my 'official' photo came in the mail before I posted on here! I'm glad I did it. I worried way too much about nothing. Now my next goal is the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon in September!!! Yahoo! Am I crazy? Probably!

All the people waiting for the race to start!

Done! Very sweaty! ;)

Yummy Orange!

Here's the pic they took of me. This was right when the race began. My headphones were still working (they ran out of batteries 1 mile into the race!) I was a happy camper here! Barely trotting at first, but then the crowd seperated a bit and I was able to RUN!


As many of you got a kick out of the video Darren took and posted, this is my first memory after surgery. Waking up on the couch with 2 kids asleep on me.... I feel, over all pretty good. My head does feel like it was ran over by a semi, but I'm doing well and didn't swell up. Darren has been great! I'm just glad to get those wisdom teeth out. Wonder if I lost any wisdom with their removal? lol! ;)

Even the dog was tired!

I feel swollen, but didn't swell at all thankfully!

Dude! Quit taking my picture! ha ha

Up with the living

Monday, June 27, 2011

Drunk as A SKUNK!

Robin had the enjoyment of getting ALL of her wisdom teeth pulled in addition to a fifth tooth that had become infected after a botched root canal in Texas. Robin was quite entertaining to both the staff and my camera. She was so out of it that the nurse insisted on bringing her out to the car in a wheel chair. Robin was smiling and having a great time. I had to take the video so I would have proof to back my observation with Robin. Of course when I started to tell her about the way she was acting I was immediately countered with comments of "No I didn't!" or "You are making that up!" Well, lets just say that the truth is in the eye of the beholder and Robin had only laughter induced tear filled eyes to respond to my video. I hope you like this and please understand that this is not how Robin normally acts. It was the meds.... I swear!!

Below is a compilation of the videos I took while driving home.

Oh yeah, one last thing... upon our arrival at home I had to assist Robin into the house. We start next to the passenger door with her arm draped around me. I tell her to walk forward by starting with her left leg. She smiles and looks down "which one is the left?" I pointed to her left and what followed took me by surprise. She stretched her leg as far as humanly possible, so far that she had almost done the splits. Quickly I pulled her up before falling over. Trying a new method, I simply tell her to walk with me. Before we could enter the house we had to overcome a massive two inch step; or at least it seemed that way. I asked Robin to lift her leg just a little bit to avoid tripping. Robin conducted a standing high hurdle maneuver and placed her right foot on the ground. Her leg raised up to with her knee becoming even with my shoulder and down again. It was quite the effort to cover only six inches. Now the left foots turn. Robin followed the same manner as the right, but instead bringing her leg to the ground, she managed to continue lifting until her leg rested on the screen door handle. After a few moments, both legs were on the ground I managed to get her into the house without further complications and she fell asleep. In light of all that has taken place, I am so grateful and truly blessed that everything went well! Love you Honey... please don't be mad at me!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Lunch

All 4 of us serve in our primary presidency and all 4 of us have birthdays within 13 days of each other!
Sherries husband Taylor is deployed to Bahrain right now. She will be leaving to Utah this Wednesday to spend the summer with her family and stay as busy as possible helping time fly by. When she returns, so will her hubby and all will be right in the world! ;)

We all chose to go to the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch. I promised myself I would not eat cheesecake after lunch. You can see how well that promise went later! ;)


Here we are before we started stuffing our pie-holes. But boy it was worth it! ;)

Sherrie's Super Duper Thick Rich Moist Decedent Chocolate Cake. Seriously YUMMO!!!

This girl is a whopping 3 days older than me! She introduced me to Buckle Jeans! I'll be forever indebted to her just for that! Not to mention the impact she has had on me through her testimony, work ethic, humor, craftiness, and her amazing homemaking skillz! This girl ROX!

This youngin is Brooke! She is a whole year younger! ha ha! Her and her family are AMAZING! I have learned so much from her! She is an amazing teacher to children, and adults! She's so easy going and fun to be with.

This chicky is Debi! One of my girls from the very start of moving here! She is the primary president. Picked my name from a list to be in the presidency and we've been stuck together in primary like glue ever since! I ADORE this little lady! She is a ROCK! She just pushes through practically anything without so much as a whimper. She always puts a smile on my face and I love her for that!

Now this old lady is, well..... Me. And yep, that's a giant piece of Turtle pecan cheesecake I'm holding in my hands! It was the best thing to touch my lips in a long time. Was it worth the calories? My tongue seems to think so! Ha Ha!

They were so sweet and decorated all 4 of our plates! And they sang to all 4 of us!

We are about to DIVE into our desserts! We had a blast! Birthdays in June and July Rock! And so do the people who have them in those months! HA HA!

Happy Birthday gals! It was a blast! And Sherrie be safe and come back soon! Hopefully our primary won't crumble without you! ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To the best husband and father ever! We love you!

Ethan gets his Bear

Ethan earned his bear patch along with a bunch of other stuff. As usual, the cub scout has to escort his mother to the front. (I love how embarrassed he gets!) We are proud of him and his efforts to progress in scouting. I can't believe he only has 1 more year left in cubs until he'll enter boyscouts! He can't wait!

Ethan pinning the mother's pin on me! ;)

Water Fun

My boys will kill me later for posting these pics, but hey, they shouldn't be playing in their underwear if they don't like it! ha ha!

Summer is here.....And if I'm not watching, the kids will find a way to cool off!

Not sure what the novelty of putting the hose down the back of the underwear is.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buy me some Peanuts and Cracker-Jacks

Baseball season is OVER. This is bitter/sweet. It has been an amazing year for Ethan. He grew so much! He LOVES LOVES LOVES baseball. And because of that, I endured bone chilling/wind blowing/Heat Stroke Inducing/LOOOOONG practices and games/ All 4 kids alone........nights so Ethan could play baseball. It was worth it. He loves it and wants to continue on next year. Ashton wants to as well, so we will be doubly busy, but if they love the sport, then it's all good! Ethan played 2nd base and center field. He is continuing on his pursuit of being a pitcher. He had a great year! We are proud of him!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Barbecue

Memorial Day has always been a day to grill out, swim, play in the sun, spend time with friends and family, have fun, and most importantly remember the fallen soldiers who died defending our country.
Our friend Sherrie Burton currently is a single mom with her husband deployed to Bahrain. She is a TROOPER and really hanging in there. We all met at her house for a Memorial day hangout/barbecue. It was tons of fun, the kids all had a blast and we are grateful she allowed everyone to crash her house! Here are a few/ton pictures from that fun day! Thanks again Sherrie!

Ethan and Mackay (Sherries son) jumping on their tramp!

Yep, that's our grill! ha ha! We drove it to Sherries and lucky Darren got to 'man the grill' in the lovely heat! But the food was delish! Thanks babe!

More jumping

5 second rest

Resume jumping

Darren cooling off inside for a bit

Cute Jake

Lily, Jake and Emma (Brooke Greenstreet's daughter). She was so sweet to share all her little toys with Lily and Jacob!

Easton, Sherrie's youngest son! He is HIL-AR-IOUS!

Mackay! Never wanting to smile for me!

Cute Sherrie!

I got to squish Brooke's new baby Scott Taylor Greenstreet!

He is soooo cute!

Mike and Brooke Greenstreet

Brooke, Debi and her baby Tyce, Easton, Me, baby Scott, and Lily

Cute Lily

Cute Mike and Brooke

Nothing better than corn on the cob!

The kids getting ready for Family Home Evening

Cute Andrew

Brooke did a really great family home evening on Gratitude!

After her lesson, she had the kids color a thank you card to Taylor (Sherrie's husband who is deployed) to tell him Happy Memorial Day and to thank him for his service. The kid had fun coloring and drawing flags and using the fun stickers! Then we went outside to take family pictures to send along with the thank you cards!

Ashton making his card

Back outside we went! Darren was getting the camera ready to take the family pictures, so he had me moving and doing all sorts of tricks! ha ha! :)

The Greenstreet Family. Andrew, Mike, baby Scott, Brooke, and cute Emma!

The Burton Family (Missing their Daddy and Husband Taylor) :(

The Bingham family: Loni, baby Tyce, Ada, and Debi (Rick was gone also, thankfully just to training for a few weeks, but not deployed, although she's done her fair share of deployments also!) yuck!

Our Family

The Davies Family. She is ready to 'Pop' any second! infact, they made a quick trip to the hospital and back during the barbecue. False alarm! ;)

F.H.E Treat: Smores! Yummy!

Brooke throwing a marshmallow at me!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day! Thank you again Sherrie for letting us crash your pad and for the great company we all had together! Great friends, great times! ;)