Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boy

Here is Jacob nearly 5 months old bouncing away in his favorite toy. Enjoy! ;)


Ethan has entered into the world of cub scouts. He is sooooo excited he finally gets to start. He earned his bobcat the first week, just in time for the pack meeting. Here are pics from that!

Ethan and Brother Doucet the Cub Master

Ethan pinning the bobcat pin on me. (pretty cool the parents get stuff too!) ;)

Ethan and Brother Blair doing the "motorcycle cheer"

Random, but I had to add pics of this HUGE moth Darren found outside! Crazy huh?


Summer is winding down. Soon the kiddos will be in school and crazy scheduled life will start again. We were able to go to the beach with some friends. It was a lot of fun! The kids wish they could live at the beach. No matter how much time we spend there, it's never enough.

Jacob chillin' on the blanket enjoying the beach.

My cute Lily

Laura with her cute sons Cade and Alex
Kate with her handsome crew: Parker, Preston, and Paisley! So cute!
Debi and Cute Ada
Ethan and Loni. They found all kinds of stuff at the beach.
Horseshoe crab

Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Nothings

Darren crashed out on the couch. He is always soooooo tired. He goes non stop with all he has to do! I feel for him!
Here are some shots of my soon to be 5 month old! I can't believe he is that old already!!!!!

Jacob and mommy

Last night for dinner we had spaghetti, bread sticks, and veggies. I had to go upstairs after dinner to change Jacob and lay him down. I left the table as is, until I could come back and clean it. This is what I returned to:
The white stuff is loads of Parmesan. Lily and Ashton made concoctions with their food, and the sick thing is, they actually ate what they made. I guess it's one way of getting them to eat their meals. But I was less than thrilled.
Doesn't that just look delicious?
Want some spaghetti with that Parmesan?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ethan's Baptism

Ethan was so excited to get baptized! We can't believe he is old enough to get baptized! Darren was so excited to be able to baptize his son!
Here is a picture with Darren & Ethan with part of the bishopric

Darren and Ethan. When Darren went last minute to get his temple pants, we realized they were too tight. So we thought he would just use the stuff at the church. Well the only decent thing they had at the church was a jumpsuit that was 3X. And the suit for Ethan was HUGE too but we were able to roll up his pants about 5 times! So they both looked like they were swimming in their baptism suits, but it was more humorous than anything.
Ethan with Darren, Elder Clayton, and Elder Richardson. Our 2 favorite missionaries!

Mom and Ethan
Ethan with Ashton and Lily. They were so excited for him! Lily asked if she could go "swimming" with Daddy and Ethan too! I said, no this is not swimming. And she could do this special thing with Daddy when she turned 8.
Darren and Jacob
The family
The baptism was very special. Ethan was glowing during the whole thing! We're so proud of him and we will remember this day always!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

My baby boy turned 8!!!! Where has time gone? I can not believe he is this old already! He has been nothing but a joy to our lives. We can't imagine life without him. He is one of the most loving children I know. He's very thoughtful of others, he's soooo smart, he loves to draw, he still loves playing with his g.i. joe guys (which I love by the way), He is a huge jokester, I think he got that from his dad. He is a blessing to have in our home. He is a great big brother as well. We love you Ethan! Happy Birthday!
Here are some pics from his party. I'm only putting a few on since there were so many. The main part of his party was water games outside, and it was pouring rain that day. But the kids didn't care, so we played water games in the rain! They were all soaked. I had to hand out towels to 13 children. Fun huh? :)
Water balloon volley-ball

Which quickly turned into a water balloon fight. 150 water balloons gone in less than a minute!
Chinese Fire Drill

Make a wish!

Treasure hunt. Guess where Darren hid the treasure for the treasure hunt?
Up high in a tree. I have no idea how he got that up there!
Darren bringing it down

The gang