Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

Another year of scout day camp. Ethan only has one more year left until the "real boy scouts". He has enjoyed his week of day camp thus far. I was able to pick them up today so I took a couple quick pics with my camera phone. The quality isn't that good, but you'll get the general idea!
Landen, Austin, Ethan, and Taylor (The only boys from our ward there)

Landen's cool mask he made.

Ethan and Landen

Silly Boys!

Fun effects of being sprayed down by a fire truck and staying in wet shoes and socks all day!

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Sue Howe said...

Good job Ethan!!!! Way to go. You will go to many more Scout camps. They are the best. Even sleeping in the tents, etc. Grama is proud of you. Love you all so much.