Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Day!

The last few days have felt so good! Compared to the 100+ degree weather we've had last weekend! So we've been out enjoying the nice weather. I've had the kids at the pool, beach, and park already this week!
Here are some pics of the beach!
We went with Kate and her family, and Chelsea and her cute kiddos!

Kate holding Chelsea's baby Andre! Such a cute baby!

Lily with Aaralyn


Cute Chelsea and Andre

Ethan and a crab

Ashton trying to scare his mother!

Jake getting ready to dig into a horseshoe crab! He almost looks like he's about to eat it! licking his lips and everything! ;)

Ethan ripping his crab apart, so he can keep the top shell! (yes the crab was already dead)

All the kids with all the horseshoe crabs they caught!

My and my girls!

Preston (Kate's son)

My Ashton
Cute Chelsea! aka: "Hot Mamma"!!! ;)

Cute Lily

Bayville Park

Kiddo's at the park.

Jake trying to climb! ;)

Monkey Boy




Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lily! ♥

My baby girl is 4! I'm amazed at how fast time flies! Lily is all about pink, princesses, make up, nail polish, shoes, etc.... I love love love that I have a "girly girl"! she is so precious to me! Probably because she is my little Lily, the only girl with me in this house full of boys! Here are some pictures from her birthday!

Yes, that's right! I made this cake! It was so fun!

My little princess

Lily with her brothers

Daddy and Lily

Love that girl! ♥
Mommy and Lily

Wahoo! a boy doll too! ;)

She was so excited and surprised with the gift from Grammy Sue and Granpa Steve! Super cute!!!!

Make a wish!

Lily biting the frosting off of the doll!


Butchered Barbie Cake! Funny pic!


Summer Stuff

It is HOT here! But we are enjoying our summer! Here are some swimming pics and others!

This is how Lily eats strawberries!

Swimming with Kate and her family! Ashton having a blast!

Little Jacob




Jacob mowing the lawn

Just chillin'

Cute Kate and her scrumptious daughter Paisley!

Ben threw all the kids several times! They loved it, and I'm sure he got a good arm workout!

So cute

This is my idea of a sandwich! Whole wheat bread, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, green pepper and turkey! yumm!!!

Yay! We finally have tomatoes to pick! (Jacob actually left these ones alone long enough for them to ripen!)