Monday, August 27, 2012

Tides Game!

A summer is not complete without going to at least one baseball game! Luckily before Darren left to Florida we were able to squeeze this in last minute and we are sure glad we did!photo 40photo 17

Here’s the kids with the Tides Mascot “Rip Tide”! They were super excited to get a pic with him! Especially Jacob!

photo 42photo 25photo 1photo 23photo 24


Hot Dogs! Cheeseburgers! Nachos! Pretzels! Snow Cones! Cotton Candy! What? I have a ton of kids! ;)

photo 26photo 28photo 27photo 19photo 18photo 5photo 15photo 2photo 22

Real Men wear Pink! (This game was dedicated to breast cancer awareness so the team wore pink uniforms! Pretty cool! ) Even the bases were colored pink!

photo 20

This little guy LOVES baseball soooo much!

photo 4photo 3photo 9photo 8photo 29

Thumbs up! Good game! The Tides lost! But it was still fun! Ethan claims they lost cause they were wearing pink! ha ha ha!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random Summer Moments

One of my kids favorite parks. They call it “duck park”! We frequently come here when we have “old” bread that needs to be properly disposed of by feeding the ducks.

photo 1 photo 116photo 2photo 3 photo 4photo 5 photo 14photo 13 photo 15

Ashton is SOAKED! Why? Because Jacob pushed him in the lake! Lovely

photo 17

No summer is complete without visiting Rita’s at least once! They have yummy yummy shaved ice and custard!

photo 10photo 11 photo 6 photo 12 photo 7photo 9

One of Lily’s favorite things to do with her mom is color!


Ethan is hitting the big “Middle School” this year. And that means his booster Tetanus shot! We thought he was in the “clear” because of this incident last year, but nope! He had to get the full TDAP shot! I had to take a picture!

photo 31photo 30photo 33


photo 34

Now he’s OFFICIAL! He can now go to Middle School!

photo 10photo 11

Jacob loves water. This is where he can be found most days!

photo 12photo 13

And Lily LOVES this cat! And I mean LOVES! She carries her EVERYWHERE! And Truffle is too old to care! She actually will wrap her paws around Lily and hold on! (for dear life!) ha ha!

photo 39

Ocean Breeze!

This is where we have spent 90% of our summer! It has been a BLAST! Nothing but fun in the sun!

P8040190P7240006 P7240010P7240011P7240012P7240015P7240037P7240038P7240039P7240028P7240053P7240058

Lots of chillin’ fun with this girl!



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The Ocean Breeze Gang:

Parleigh, Jacob, Lily, Ethan, Parker, Preston, Ashton, & Paisley!


This summer was a BLAST!