Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As many of you got a kick out of the video Darren took and posted, this is my first memory after surgery. Waking up on the couch with 2 kids asleep on me.... I feel, over all pretty good. My head does feel like it was ran over by a semi, but I'm doing well and didn't swell up. Darren has been great! I'm just glad to get those wisdom teeth out. Wonder if I lost any wisdom with their removal? lol! ;)

Even the dog was tired!

I feel swollen, but didn't swell at all thankfully!

Dude! Quit taking my picture! ha ha

Up with the living

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Sue Howe said...

I love little Jakey with his hair cut. At first I thought it was Ashton. You all look so comfortable there is every sort of position and sleeping. You are such a great family. Thank you Darren for taking the pictures, especially the one of Robin and Jakey asleep in the close up picture. Thank you Darren for all your help with this great adventure. Robin is so cute thinking she would be all swollen up. Loves to you all.