Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here are my pics from the race I did a couple weeks ago. I waited till my 'official' photo came in the mail before I posted on here! I'm glad I did it. I worried way too much about nothing. Now my next goal is the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon in September!!! Yahoo! Am I crazy? Probably!

All the people waiting for the race to start!

Done! Very sweaty! ;)

Yummy Orange!

Here's the pic they took of me. This was right when the race began. My headphones were still working (they ran out of batteries 1 mile into the race!) I was a happy camper here! Barely trotting at first, but then the crowd seperated a bit and I was able to RUN!


Debi said...

Love it. I better start running one of these days. Not feeling too energized lately. Oh well. You look good in our running gear! I particularly like the orange.

Sue Howe said...

Great job well done. You look enthusiastic and everything to be in the race. You are doing so well. Love you Lots.