Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water Fun

My boys will kill me later for posting these pics, but hey, they shouldn't be playing in their underwear if they don't like it! ha ha!

Summer is here.....And if I'm not watching, the kids will find a way to cool off!

Not sure what the novelty of putting the hose down the back of the underwear is.


Sue Howe said...

Oh, such fun. Great to see all the kids. Such good cool fun right in their own back yard. Love and miss you all too.

Debi said...

They are so hilarious and cute. Ada went through the sprinkler in her clothes and so I had to take them off. She was drenched. She still had her diaper on and kept sitting on the sprinkler. So she would have probably liked the hose too. Debi

Sherrie said...

Oh boy! They are gonna be mad when they are older :) These could be good pictures to show their girlfriends.

Kate said...

Jake doesn't even care if he has underwear on or not! Too funny! Yes, most likely they WILL kill you when they grow up. But, once again--entirely their fault! At least they were having fun, right?