Sunday, June 6, 2010

Girls Night ☼ut!

Kate, Ester, Chelsea, and I were able to FINALLY go out! We went to Kanpai Sushi restaurant and it was soooooo good! Then we went to the ocean front and then got frozen yogurt at Yo-Mammas! We had such a good time! Thanks for a great night ladies! ;)


It is getting H☼T out side!!! Almost too hot to do anything except get wet!



Just a couple random pics that I can't really make an entire post about. So here ya go!

Here is my dog Yoda that I SHAVED! I still can't believe I shaved him, now he looks like a giant gray rat, but he had this bad itchy rash and we couldn't get the medicine through all his fur, so I got tired of trying and just shaved it all off! Poor ugly thing!

Here is Jacob after sucking on a marker. Yummy nutritious!

This is how I found Lily one day. She had gotten her brother's scout uniform out of the closet and put it on all by herself! She did a pretty good job! Too cute!

This is tired mom after taking Yoda and Jacob on a 3 mile walk. My back HURT! But it was fun and Jacob L♥VED the ride! So it made my aching back worth it! ;)

Str♥wberry Pickin'

There is nothing better than fresh picked strawberries! We enjoyed picking strawberries this spring/summer. We went a few times. The kids loved picking all the strawberries they could fit into their buckets while stuffing their faces at the same time! ;)