Sunday, July 31, 2011

Darren's Youth Palmyra Trip

Darren is the young men's president in our ward. He was able to get work off to go to the Palmyra, NY trip with the youth of our ward/stake! I'm glad he was able to get the opportunity to go again! The last time we were here was before we had kids!!!
First stop!
No hotels for these youth! They camped out! Here is their K.O.A. campground where they camped.
Here is the hill Cumorah. They were able to watch the pageant they have here every year. It is an incredible experience to be a part of!
Angle Moroni
Youth. JulieAnne Bussey (sunglasses), and Sarah Harding (back right) Both in our ward!
Cute David and Sarah
Book of Mormon Publication Site
Inside the building.
Jeffrey holding the Palmyra Temple
So pretty
Smith Family Farm
My friend Kate's in-laws. (Benji and Donna Lineberry) Good people!!!!
Youth getting ready to enter the Sacred Grove
Darren's camera battery died after he got in the grove. This was the only picture he got inside the grove! Pretty!
He had a great trip. Good spiritual experience! I'm so glad he was able to go!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily!

My little girl turned 5! I can't believe it has already been 5 years since Heavenly Father blessed our family with our only girl. She has been my angel from day 1! I adore this little princess! And I'm so thankful that we get to have her in our lives!
I asked Lily what she wanted to do for her birthday and her reply was: "I want some barbies, a chocolate cake, and my family!" I said "You don't want a party this year with all your friends?" She said "Nope, they will eat all my cake!" HA!!! You don't have to twist my arm! A family party is fine with this mamma! Since I know "friend parties" are almost a must every year from here on out!
We have lived at Ocean Breeze Water Park all summer. And of course on her birthday that is where we spent the majority of the day. Before we left, my friend Kate (who also has passes there, and frequents the park with us also) showed up with her kiddos and her famous cupcakes! When I say famous, I don't mean a particular flavor is famous. She is just known for her love of making cupcakes, their amazing flavors and how delish they are!!! This time she made Smore's cupcakes.
They start with graham cracker crumbs on the bottom, chocolate cake, middle has marshmallow filling. Topped with graham cracker butter cream frosting, then marshmallows, and chocolate on top of that!!!! Sooooooo good! Almost too good! ;)
Lily in her swimsuit super excited about her "surprise" present from Kate
Make a wish!
The "digging in" starts!
Ashton eager to dive in!
Jake loving every bite!
Cute little Paisley!
Parker loving it!
Lily digging in! This girl LOVES cake!
Ethan is known for not caring for cake too much, but he actually ate his entire cupcake and that is huge for him! So they must have been good!
LaLaLoopsy! Thanks Kate!
~Family party~
Famous Birthday hat!
Yay more Barbies!
Loves from Daddy!
This girl loves her daddy! ♥
Birthday girl giving Eskimo kisses to mommy!
Real kisses! ♥
Love this girl! Happy Birthday Sweet Lily!