Monday, June 27, 2011

Drunk as A SKUNK!

Robin had the enjoyment of getting ALL of her wisdom teeth pulled in addition to a fifth tooth that had become infected after a botched root canal in Texas. Robin was quite entertaining to both the staff and my camera. She was so out of it that the nurse insisted on bringing her out to the car in a wheel chair. Robin was smiling and having a great time. I had to take the video so I would have proof to back my observation with Robin. Of course when I started to tell her about the way she was acting I was immediately countered with comments of "No I didn't!" or "You are making that up!" Well, lets just say that the truth is in the eye of the beholder and Robin had only laughter induced tear filled eyes to respond to my video. I hope you like this and please understand that this is not how Robin normally acts. It was the meds.... I swear!!

Below is a compilation of the videos I took while driving home.


Oh yeah, one last thing... upon our arrival at home I had to assist Robin into the house. We start next to the passenger door with her arm draped around me. I tell her to walk forward by starting with her left leg. She smiles and looks down "which one is the left?" I pointed to her left and what followed took me by surprise. She stretched her leg as far as humanly possible, so far that she had almost done the splits. Quickly I pulled her up before falling over. Trying a new method, I simply tell her to walk with me. Before we could enter the house we had to overcome a massive two inch step; or at least it seemed that way. I asked Robin to lift her leg just a little bit to avoid tripping. Robin conducted a standing high hurdle maneuver and placed her right foot on the ground. Her leg raised up to with her knee becoming even with my shoulder and down again. It was quite the effort to cover only six inches. Now the left foots turn. Robin followed the same manner as the right, but instead bringing her leg to the ground, she managed to continue lifting until her leg rested on the screen door handle. After a few moments, both legs were on the ground I managed to get her into the house without further complications and she fell asleep. In light of all that has taken place, I am so grateful and truly blessed that everything went well! Love you Honey... please don't be mad at me!


Sue Howe said...

Darren you have got to be the best husband and driver ever to have taken that video and kept the van in the right lane of traffic. Oh, sweet Robin. She is so hilarious when she is stoned. Love you so much. I was so glad to talk to Robin a little while ago and she sounded really quite normal. Just keep her down for a few more hours so she can heal from all this.

Debbie said...

OMG...that is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Darren it amazes me you were able to drive, video and laugh without getting in an accident. You need to send this to America's Funniest Videos!!! Robin, hope you have a quick recovery, thanks for the laughs!!

Briana said...

Oh no you DIDN'T... but I'm SO glad you did! I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time! We love you Robin!!

Debi said...

OH my Gosh! That is so funny! I so wish I could have been there in person. What's with Robin riding a horse. I so wish you could have gotten the video of her walking into the house. My jaw hurts now from smiling and laughing so hard! Robin I am so glad you married Darren, not every husband would take video or post it, or be good enough to drive while videoing you. I am also glad that you don't do drugs. Good job of being able to understand her. I couldn't always. Love ya Robin and glad you are ok. Debi

Taylor said...

Reminds me of this:

Cassidy said...

That is one seriously funny video. Oh my goodness. HILARIOUS. Of course the best part is Darren encouraging you with the "neigh". LOVE IT.

oh yeah, get better chica!