Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ethan got his wolf badge at scouts on Thursday. He's excited to be a "Bear" now! Way to go son!
Getting the "mother's pin".

Hunt Club

Every year since we've moved here we've gone to hunt club before halloween. Darren is gone this year, but I promised the boys I'd still take them. So we went and had a lot of fun as usual!

On the hayride

At the petting farm.

Jacob unsure of this goat!

This goat loved Ethan's shirt!

Cute kiddos

In the chicken coop. The chickens here are really 'tame'. They let you pick them up without much resistance. The kids loved to play in here!

Jacob holding his favorite black and white chicken-thing. Not sure really what kind of a bird/chicken it is, but Jacob couldn't leave it alone, and the bird really tolerated him well!

Mamma hen

Ashton and Lily both found very small/baby like chicken/bird things. They where shaking a little from the cold so they held them in their jackets. They became very fond of their chicken/bird things. Ashton called his "Ben", and Lily called hers "Sally". The rest of the night Lily kept saying her chicken missed her and was crying in the coop for her to come back and hold her. :)

Of course Jacob climbed in through the chicken only entrance.
Lily with "Sally"

The funniest looking one! Ethan and I got a crack out of him! Check out his "hair-do!"


Farmer Jake

Playing in the hay!

Pumpkin patch


Don't eat that!

Carnival ride time! Jake was so mad he wasn't big enough to ride!

Ethan: "Mom we weren't scared of the Ferris Wheel at all! That was so fun!"
Mom: "Look at your face in this picture! You sure look a little nervous to me!"
Ethan: "Well, maybe a little at first!"

Lily having a blast!

Jacob wishing her were bigger! Soon enough! ;)

Our annual Halloween sugar cookies that we made when we got home!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Corn Maze

Today Kate, Neisha, and I took our kids to the Corn Maze at Bergey's. It was really fun! The little kids had a lot of fun!

Waiting for the hayride

You know this girl! She's only in about every post on my blog!

Jake sees a cow! He loved staring at it!

On the hay ride heading out to the corn maze

Kate and Paisley

Lily loving the ride

Neisha and her husband Joel

Us 3 girls!

Jacob couldn't keep his hands off of the gourds.

Here we go!

Kate and her kiddos

Me with half my crew. (And the other half was not happy at all when they found out I went here during school! I told them I'd make it up to them, and I will.) They'll survive! ;)

Grady, Cassidee, Paisley, Parker, Preston, Jacob, and Lily.
All the kids after we made it out of the corn maze alive!

On the hay ride back.

Our chauffeur! :)

Cassidee and Grady are so cute!

Ma and Jacob

We stopped by at the main shop there. They have Amish people in there cooking "real" food! We bought the kids home made ice cream! It was sooooo good. And worth the extra calories for the day!
Preston munching down on his Black Raspberry cone.

Parker thouroughly enjoying his!

Paisley eating her pumpkin ice cream. It was so yummy! That is what Jacob and I shared. We ate ours too fast to get pictures! ;)
Lily eating her cookies and cream cone!

Jacob eye-balling the pumpkin pies. And that basket of apples barely survived him. I think I picked up apples and put them back in the basket about 15 times!

Jacob and Grady

That's all for today! We're sure enjoying fall and all the fun there is to do here!