Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still Pregnant

My mom flew in on Thursday night without luggage (lost), but made it none the less thankfully. Now the waiting game is one. That night I went into "labor" for a couple hours, I was about to wake everyone up and then everything just stopped. So, I'm still pregnant and just wondering if he'll ever come out. Here are some pics of my mom reading to the kids. Lily was "smitten" after grandma read her the first book. If you want to get on Lily's good side all you have to do is read her a book. The kids are enjoying her being here. Yesterday we went to Mount Trashmore so I could walk up and down that ridiculously big hill. By the time we were done I felt like I could fall down dead. I got a few contractions after that, but still........nothing. I'm pondering more drastic measures......"Castor Oil" any one???? Still not sure about that one. Any way. I've been bad about looking at any one's blog and commenting. Hopefully you'll understand, but just putting out the update that there really is no update and I'm still huge and pregnant. Send contraction prayers my way please!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Bertha!

We are in the home stretch. Even though I'm so uncomfortable, I'm hoping the baby stays put another week till my mom gets here. It will be so much easier with the kiddos to have her extra hands here. So pray that Jacob stays cozy till at least the 27th, then after that, I'm all for him making his exit.
I'm "regretfully" posting a prego pic of me, the big bertha mother. But I've felt bad that I haven't taken many prego pics of me this time around. Believe it or not, I haven't gained any weight with this pregnancy, I was just that fat to begin with! ha ha ha! I will actually weigh less after he is born then I did when I got pregnant with him, so that's a plus, maybe I can keep up the work and focus on me for once. ???? Hopefully. Any way, here is that pic and a pic of the pretty trees in bloom here. When Ashton saw the trees in bloom he said "Mom!!! Look it's hot snow!" (that day had been really warm, but the trees looked like they were covered in snow. cute)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I find myself getting anxious at times knowing I only have 20 some odd days till it's "go time". Normally in the past the doctors will go ahead and give me an induction date about a week or so early so I don't have to push out a 9 pounder, my babies come out around 8 lbs. The doctors here could care less if I had a 7 pounder or a 12 pounder, but the word induction to them is like a curse word, heaven forbid! So I just sit not knowing if I'll go into labor tonight, or in 2 more weeks. It's hard for a "planner" like me to just sit and let whatever happen....happen. But I have no choice. But my body for sure is tired of having babies. This pregnancy was fine until about a month ago, and now I really can "feel" the toll it's taking on my body. My hips ache, my pelvic bone feels like it could split in half at any second and my back aches.... poor me right? I know all mom's go through it, I'm just definitely feeling more of the aches this time. My body is saying, "enough is enough woman!" Any way, just venting. Not really wanting the baby out now because that will mean I have 4 kids, but I wish my body wouldn't hurt so bad. Any way. all is good here. Let's just pray I don't go over my due date and have to push a 10 pounder out, that will not be fun.
Another note: This baby is Darren's baby to name. We pretty much named Ethan together, and then I named Ashton and Lily, so he gets dibs on this one. Which is fine till I heard the name he wanted. But now it's been 6 months since he said the name and he still wants it. Okay ready? The name he wants is........Jacob Edward Conner. Now anyone who has not read the Twilight series is saying..."so? what's the big deal?" Well it's a huge deal if you have read them. These books are "huge" right now, kind of like the Harry Potter craze. Jacob and Edward are the two main male characters in all 4 books. My husband never read the books, he knows they are popular but doesn't care. Edward is a family name after his dad, and he just likes Jacob a bunch. So there you have it people, the name most likely will be Jacob Edward and I don't want any laughs or giggles from anyone thinking I was so obsessed with the books that I had to name my last son after them! I can only imagine blessing day at church. All the women will be smiling and giggling! Have mercy on me!!!!! This is my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud Bath

The beginning of this week the high barely hit the teens. It was sooooo cold! Today's temp got above 75. The weather here is WACK!!! But regardless, the kids actually put on shorts today. I heard the water running outside and came to see what they were doing. I found the sprinkler on the porch and them running through it. Yes it may be warm, but not that warm! I almost opened the door to tell them to turn it off, but had to grab the camera first. Then the soaked lawn turned into mud fast because the ground below is still frozen, so it was hard for the water to sink in fast enough, so they decided to play in the mud. Lily gets less and less clothed as time goes on, but they had fun. I bit my tongue and let them enjoy their warm Saturday in the muddy backyard. Who knows what next weeks weather will bring? Make up your mind already! :)