Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Out For Women!

I don’t know how we all managed to get away without children but we did! Kate, Sherrie, Heather, and I were able to carpool to Richmond, VA to attend the Time Out For Women event! We had a super fun time!

IMG_0712 (2)  IMG_0721 (2)IMG_0722 (2)IMG_0723 (2)

Sherrie helping me put “lift” in my flat hair!

IMG_0725 (2)IMG_0727 (2)

Grabbing a bite to eat at TGIF’s before our first session!

IMG_0737 (2)IMG_0738 (2)IMG_0739 (2)IMG_0740 (2)IMG_0741 (2)IMG_0744 (2)

Me and Kate the Great

IMG_0745 (2)

Elevator Fun

IMG_0748 (3)IMG_0750 (2)IMG_0751

After the first session we were hungry. Soooo…. in our pajama’s we went to the nearest grocery store and bought some munchies and crunchies!

Polka dots, Clouds, and sheep Pajamas! :) So fun!

IMG_0757 (2)  IMG_0758 (2)_edited-1

We have: Oreo’s (double stuffed of course!), Milk, Pretzels, Almond Butter, Bananas, and gum! lol

IMG_0755 (2)IMG_0752IMG_0760 (2)DSC_3180

What is a hotel stay without jumping on the beds?

DSC_3181  DSC_3182DSC_3183  DSC_3186

      Heather                       Kate


3-way foot massage? Yes please!    Kelli and her sister!


At the Convention Center!


  Sherrie and Me               Brooke and Me


   Brooke and Sherrie           Sherrie taking a timeout!

                                on the floor!

DSC_3213_edited-1           DSC_3179_edited-1

Lunch Time! Brooke, Me, Heather, Kate, Donna, and Ester! (Poor Sherrie is taking the picture!)


We had a wonderful weekend and were spiritually fed and charged to be good women, wives, and mothers yet again! Thank you ladies for contributing to an awesome weekend! :)

IMG_0766 (2)_edited-1

First Landing State Park