Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photographer Ethan

Ethan begged and pleaded to take our “old” camera with him on his school field trip to the aquarium. I let him. I was a little hesitant, but after all. It is our old camera. The flash is broken, and the battery “door” is held together by a hair elastic. :)

Here are some pics he took at the aquarium. He did pretty darn good!



Face shot on the bus ride home! He’s silly!


Here are some funny pics he has taken outside of the other boys.



These are hilarious face shots Ethan took of Ashton. Ashton is very expressive and hilarious! I love his personality! :)


This picture is actually pretty cool!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shamrock 8k

Another Race down! This one by far was one of my most favorite races to be a part of!

Here is my bib that I wore. And since Kate couldn’t race she made all of us a cute “Irish Gatorade” for the race! How sweet is that?

photo 16photo 17

Right before the race! Getting anxious!     There were a TON of people!

photo 7photo 11

Did I mention there were a TON of people there?

photo 6photo 9

The Race is finished! The weather was amazing. I got one of my best times and they gave a medal! Super cute!

photo 1photo 3

Me with Caroline.         The gang who raced: Robin, Caroline, Debi, Sherrie, Aaron, Julie, and Carrie

photo 4photo 20

Robin, Caroline, Debi, Sherrie, Carrie

photo 14

Sherrie has ran the most races with me! She keeps pushing me and inspiring me to keep on running!

photo 15photo 21photo 22

Oh ya, incase I didn’t mention, there were a TON of people there!

photo 23

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tis the Season……..for Baseball!

Both Ethan and Ashton will be playing baseball this year! Deep breath…… It’s gonna be fun! Busy, but fun! I had to run to the store to get Ashton all new gear. Jacob of course went with me. This kid L♥VES everything to do with baseball! No joke! He is still only 2 and knows more about baseball than me! He is convinced that he will be playing on Ethan or Ashton’s team this year. I’m trying to let him down gently that he’s still too little, but that his time will come. And when it does come…… Watch out! ;)

photo 7photo 6photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

What is on his feet? Oh, golf club covers of course! Doesn’t every baseball player where Golf Club covers on their feet? Well Jacob does! ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Winter came…… I think….. It didn’t get cold very long and overall we had GREAT health this winter. Until March. (Well, Lily did get Strep in February). Any way. Overall we’ve been blessed. The boys (Ethan and Ashton) got a NASTY virus from school I’m assuming. They both got it the same day. (Tuesday of last week) The were out the Entire week except Monday! UGH!!! High Fevers, Sore throats, and literally NO energy. I had them tested for strep. Negative. So…. We just waited. They literally had fevers for 6 days! No joke! This was the Longest Virus EVER! This mom is Sick of sick kids! The nice thing? Quiet, calm, well behaved boys. But all things must come to an end, even nasty viruses!

photo 1photo 2

Oh! Maybe not! Guess who both got fevers today? ( The same day the older two finally are better?) Yep! The younger two! Lily and Jacob! Jacob at 103.5, and Lily at 102.9.

Guess I have another week ahead of sick kids. That’s what I get for having so many kids I guess! ha ha! Ugh! Owell.

photo 3photo 4

So what shows up at my door today after church? Homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles. And…. Brownies from scratch, not a box! And they were delish! Who brought them? Kate of course! Not only did she go home alone with 4 kids after church while Ben is working, she then proceeds to make soup, brownies, take care of her own 4 kids and then load them all up to bring our family food! She is nuts! But I’m so thankful. That was soooo sweet! ♥

Yummy soup!

photo 5photo 8

Super thick, rich, chocolaty, nutty, chewy, soft, delicious brownie goodness! Sooo good! I’m so glad my boys ate them all! Otherwise…… Well, you know. I would have! :)

photo 7

Here’s to another week! Hope the younger ones heal quicker! This mamma is SICK of sick kids!