Monday, November 15, 2010


My youngest son Jacob has filled our life with abounding joy. He has soooo much personality, so much curiosity and he NEVER stops going. He wants to learn, grow and do it NOW! I've never met a more determined child in my life. If you combine all the "get in trouble things" my other children did when they were toddlers, it still wouldn't add up to Jacob's. I thought my other kids were naughty by: putting the cat's tail in the waffle maker, or flushing big Lego's down the toilet, cutting up my sheets, putting sunscreen on all the stuffed animals, flinging cat litter all over the bathroom (dirty cat litter I might add), drawing on the walls with permanent marker, making mud pies in the bathroom sink, my list actually could go on for quite a while, but I'll spare you the agony since I'll be writing about what Jacob does currently.
My little Jacob is constantly doing something. So I've realized I need to keep him busy doing good and productive things, or else he'll find something else to do, like: flush not one, not two, but three phones down the toilet, throw my keys away, put tupperware in the oven and then turn it on, crawl under the computer desk and rip all the cords out of the back of the computer, pull chunks of hair out of his sister's head, bite all the erasers off of every pencil in the house, cut a hole in the couch, ruin countless bowls of dog and cat food by combining the water dish with the food dish, pulling any and all dinner plates off the counter onto the floor and then runs through as much of it as possible before mom gets him, put as many rolls of toilet paper into the toilet or sink as he can and then flush the toilet or turn on the sink full blast, empty all lotion and shampoo bottles on the floor, I'll stop there.
So, I've managed to grab my camera to get pictures of him before removing him from situations. Most of the time, I don't grab the camera, cause it's imperative that I get him NOW. But we love our Jacob so much. He is going to be a real go-getter some day. This post is just for him! :)
This happened today. I was in the front room helping Ashton read for his homework, and Jacob was a little too quiet for my liking. I came into the kitchen and found him playing in the flour. He didn't hear me coming so when I said "Jacob! what are you doing". He jumped about a mile and it scared him so bad, hence the crying face. He was also mad he didn't get to play in the flour longer. Poor kid!
We love you Jacob! ♥

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here's some pics from our Halloween weekend! It was fun, but this mom is glad it's OVER for another year! ;)

Lily with one of her "besties" Aaralyn! They were enjoying their cupcakes!

Aaralyn, Lily, and Paisley

Dracula teeth!

Trick or Treat! Off we go!

Couldn't keep his mask on. He was so hot and sweaty!

This guy jumped out and scared us!

Cavity time!

Jacob enjoyed standing on the pile of candy!

Oh, I'm so sick! Enough candy!

Jacob, JulieAnne, Ashton, Jonah, Ethan, Jackson, Lily, and a kid I don't know! ha ha!

Another successful Halloween! Bring on the Turkey!