Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day

To the best husband and father ever! We love you!


Sue Howe said...

Such a cute picture. I love the tie. I'll bet it has four fish on it. Steve has one just like it with 10 fish on it and four of the names on his tie match four of the names on Darren's tie and they are these four super, great wonderful grand children! And I miss you all too.

Sue Howe said...

This is such an awesome picture. I just can't quite looking at it because all the children are growing just a bit every day and they have grown some since I was there in Feb. It seems like years ago since I was there too. Thank you Robin and Darren for having such a wonderful family and for sharing this picture with us. Happy Father's Day to A really great Father too.

Kate said...

What a cute family! :)