Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Lunch

All 4 of us serve in our primary presidency and all 4 of us have birthdays within 13 days of each other!
Sherries husband Taylor is deployed to Bahrain right now. She will be leaving to Utah this Wednesday to spend the summer with her family and stay as busy as possible helping time fly by. When she returns, so will her hubby and all will be right in the world! ;)

We all chose to go to the Cheesecake Factory for Lunch. I promised myself I would not eat cheesecake after lunch. You can see how well that promise went later! ;)


Here we are before we started stuffing our pie-holes. But boy it was worth it! ;)

Sherrie's Super Duper Thick Rich Moist Decedent Chocolate Cake. Seriously YUMMO!!!

This girl is a whopping 3 days older than me! She introduced me to Buckle Jeans! I'll be forever indebted to her just for that! Not to mention the impact she has had on me through her testimony, work ethic, humor, craftiness, and her amazing homemaking skillz! This girl ROX!

This youngin is Brooke! She is a whole year younger! ha ha! Her and her family are AMAZING! I have learned so much from her! She is an amazing teacher to children, and adults! She's so easy going and fun to be with.

This chicky is Debi! One of my girls from the very start of moving here! She is the primary president. Picked my name from a list to be in the presidency and we've been stuck together in primary like glue ever since! I ADORE this little lady! She is a ROCK! She just pushes through practically anything without so much as a whimper. She always puts a smile on my face and I love her for that!

Now this old lady is, well..... Me. And yep, that's a giant piece of Turtle pecan cheesecake I'm holding in my hands! It was the best thing to touch my lips in a long time. Was it worth the calories? My tongue seems to think so! Ha Ha!

They were so sweet and decorated all 4 of our plates! And they sang to all 4 of us!

We are about to DIVE into our desserts! We had a blast! Birthdays in June and July Rock! And so do the people who have them in those months! HA HA!

Happy Birthday gals! It was a blast! And Sherrie be safe and come back soon! Hopefully our primary won't crumble without you! ;)


Sherrie said...

Thanks for the ego boost :)! You are pretty amazing yourself. Primary will not crumble, you ladies are incredible.:)

Thanks for the lunch date. It was just what I needed.

Debi said...

Aaawww! You r so nice! I wouldn't be so good if you weren't awesomeness! Not a word I know, but you make all things run in primary and I would run away if you weren't there with me. So that means as long as I am pres you have to stay here....ok. :)