Friday, November 27, 2009

Not too shabby

Yesterday I was walking my dog and there is a house I always walk by that sits right by a lake. The family was out packing up their car to go to their family's house for Thanksgiving. I told them how I always loved their yard and wished we could take our family picture in it. The guy said, "It's all yours! We'll be gone all day, have fun!" So I ran home and told Darren we were going to set up our tripod and take family pictures in someones yard. He wasn't too thrilled with the idea. The one thing we clash on is my spontaneity and his non-spontaneity. He likes to have things planned, as I go with things on a whim. So I started getting the kids ready and myself and we convinced Dad to go along with it and we walked up the street and took our own family shot. I really wanted to have a picture in our Christmas cards this year, so I'm so thankful we did it. Not too shabby of a family pic for us doing it all by ourselves!
The best one we took.
Lily looks funny in this one! :)
Me and my kiddo's. I love Jacob's face in this one.
This one was so pretty with the reflection in the water behind. Too bad Ashton is looking away and Jacob is looking down. :(
We had fun! They aren't professional, but good enough for now! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Till you Wobble

We originally were going to Kentucky for Thanksgiving, but Darren got put on-call, so scrap that idea. But we enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with just us. I spent most the day cooking. I did fall asleep and when I woke up, the turkey was DONE. ;) Better than raw right? ha ha! We enjoyed our day thoroughly! It's so fun watching the kids enjoy the holidays! The best part of my day.... The hubby did ALL the clean up from dinner! How awesome is that? I didn't do one dish! What a sweet heart! Now it's on to Christmas. We'll be setting up our decorations tomorrow, after we clean! ;) Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends.
The kids patiently waiting for dinner to be ready. Children are always so mesmerized by candles, are should I say fire? :)
Is it ready yet?
Our dinner. Weird picture coloring?
Can we eat?
Darren doing the carving!
♥Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! ♥

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gobble Gobble

I saw this cute crafty idea on Aubrey's blog and had to do it for FHE with the kids tonight. We had fun making our apple turkey's. The kids enjoyed making their gobbler and of course eating some too!

They almost look scary here! :) ha ha!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

○New Moon○

Kate held her yearly "twilight saga party". This time in celebration of New Moon. The party was on Thursday night at her house. She did an awesome job!!! We had lots of food, games, chatting, and fun! Here are some pics from that night. After the party, we went to the theatre and stood in line for about 2 hours to watch the show. It was so good and lots of fun memories! Thanks Kate!

Me with Kate's sis-in-law Esther. I love that girl!

The beautiful hostess Kate! ♥

Laura, Caroline, and Jessica!

Me and Kate

Us again

Silly Beth

Cute Heather

Sarah and Chelsea!

Sarah and her mom Linley. Linley is the ultimate Twilight "buff". She knows these books like the back of her hand! She won the game we played (twilight trivia Jeopardy) by a MILE!!!

Vanna... I mean Kate! :) Her cute New Moon Jeopardy game we played.

Me and Beth-a-licious

Me and Kate waiting for the movie to start. We got bored and started acting goofy!

Can you tell we're laughing pretty hard?

We had so much fun!!!♥♥♥♥♥


Ethan thought he'd be funny and hide from the washer! I'm just glad he didn't break it! He started panicking a little when he realized he couldn't get back out. He kept saying "help!! I'm stuck!" I kept saying "get out! You better pray that washer isn't broken!!!" I'm so mean! ;) Dad came and rescued him. He better stay OUT from now on! I'm not going back to laundry mat days!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uncle Derek

Derek came out last weekend to visit. It was tons of fun having him here. It happened to be his birthday when he came so we threw him a par-tay! :) Any excuse I have to decorate and bake a cake, I'll do it! :)

Blow them out! Look at Ashton! :)

Trying to make the same face that's on the ball. The kids chose his presents from the party store, so they were goofy, but fun. He loved them.

Derek with Jacob


Uncle Derek with all the kiddos

Ma and Pa

Our fam. Yes, I'm cheesy, but hey, it's rare we have a pic ALL together, so I included it! :)

Darren and Jacob chilling on the couch after church.

We took him to "duck park" to feed the ducks and play. We all had tons of fun.

Jacob loved watching the ducks and playing in the dirt.

They are always goofy!

I L♥ve this pic. My hubby is so strong! I wish I could do that! And this is not a "trick" shot either!

We took him to Chick's Beach. We played frisbee, threw balls, built castles and had fun.

Luckily Jacob didn't get any ideas to shove fist fulls of sand in his mouth, but he sure loved playing with it and squishing it between his fingers.

Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Derek! We had so much fun with you here!