Monday, July 28, 2008

I Hate Bugs!

So, Ethan found this in our back yard! I'm guessing it's a June Bug? Any other suggestions? He's the only one that would touch the ugly thing. Not even "brave" daddy would handle it. Any way, thought it was interesting looking, but mostly just gross. ENJOY!! :)

Pretty Big isn't it?

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I woke up yesterday morning very sick to my stomach, and then I went pale after I quickly did the math of my last period (sorry for any faint of heart readers). I quickly did the math and realized I was "late". This WAS NOT PLANNED!!!!!! I ran to the store to "buy milk" with the kids, Darren was at work. I came home, locked myself in the bathroom and took the pee-stick test. I sat nervously and sure enough 2 lines appeared! AHHHHHH!!!! 4 kids???? What in the world are we going to do????? Oh my goodness, I was so shocked and freaked out. I hid the box behind the plates in the cuboard, hid the test and laid down with the kids for nap so I wouldn't have to think about it. I woke up, Darren came home from work, went to get a paper plate out of the cabinet and saw a "box", grabbed it and then hunted down my test. He comes upstairs and says "so.... when were you gonna tell me we were gonna be parents.... again.....?" I said, after I got over the shock of it. Any way, long story short we are shocked and stressed, but know that God is in control of all things, so, we'll find joy and start preparing to be really out numbered in 9 months! I posted my baby's progression pic on the side of my blog. The baby looks like an alien right now, but it's funny to look at! I still can't believe this!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday Lily!
Lily had her 2nd birthday on July 21st.
We can't believe she is already 2!
Here is a shot of her helping me cook dinner.

Here is Lily's Birthday cake! Yummy!

She was soooo excited to FINALLY eat her birthday cake, she had been saying all day "I want my birthday cake!!!"

Daddy is showing her how to blow out her candle.

Awwww, She finally gets to taste her cake! :)
Lily wanting to play in her cake.

Cute Lily with her michevious brothers behind her!

Present time! We kept trying to get the ribbons from her presents to stay in her hair, but they wouldn't stick.

She isn't thrilled to have her head full of ribbon!

Get this off pleeeease!!

Daddy pushing her in the baby stroller she got for her babies

Flying around the corner! Watch out Ethan!

Overall she had a good day on her birthday, however she is still saying "it's my birthday!" On her birthday her brothers were teasing her and I told them to be nice to her because it was her birthday. Well, she heard me say that and now, if anything happens to upset her, she'll say "but it's my birthday!" Oh, they learn quickly!

Monday, July 14, 2008


When Darren got back from his first day of work, I had to grab the camera cause he was so darn handsome. I snapped a couple pics of him and the kids. And of course, each kid had to try on his hat! He normally doesn't dress like this everyday, just the first day to a new unit.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shaving Cream Bath

Hello my family and friends. Hope you had a good weekend. We sure did. The weather here is awesome. I miss Texas, but not the heat and humidity. We spent lots of time outside on walks, playing in the yard and doing yardwork. Today was a typical Sunday, I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight as usual and the kids were getting ready for a bath. Well I guess I took too long to come up and start the tub. They started their own kind of bath....A bath of shaving cream. I had to grab the camera. Then I hosed them off after they played for a while. Daddy wasn't has happy to know all his shaving cream was gone, but it went to a very good cause, happy playtime for the kids.
Darren starts back to work for the first time here tomorrow. I can tell he's nervous, but he'll do great. Tomorrow I'll have the kids, we'll find a park and go grocery shopping, other than that, we're just enjoying the summer and trying to find
things to do here! Hope ya'll have a great week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you smell that?

So we're all settled in to our little house and life is good. Everytime I go in the backyard I smell something funny. I keep dismissing it until my 4 year old says "I'm not going out there! It stinks!" So we start looking around and notice that our washer/dishwasher/toilets/sinks/etc. are all emptying out into a spot in our lawn. So long story short, the plumber comes, starts to dig away and uncovers this busted pipe! So our wonderful waste has been dumping into our yard. Yummy! He is going to fix it tomorrow, thankfully, but until then we have this huge heap of dirt/waste in our back yard and a busted pipe in a hole, which I might add has caused great amusement for our boys. You see..... After you flush, you can run out and watch your "stuff" come billowing out of the cracked pipe. Ethan and Ashton have found it very entertaining to say the least! Can you say EEEWWWW!!!! I'm just glad it will be fixed soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So after many days of Ethan complaining that I didn't take
him to the beach, we finally went. It is way different than
we're used to. It reminded me of when we lived in Georgia.
It was pretty. The water is soooo cold compared to Galveston,
but it was fun. Here are some pics from the beach here.

Here are a couple of video clips of Ethan in the waves.
Ashton and Lily didn't get in the water. tooooo cold!
brrrrr~! :)

Wipe Out!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'm trying so hard to get the hang of this blogging thing. I really want it to work, but I'm about to kill this web-site. Any way. I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is sunday, we'll be going yet again to our new ward. What I mean by that is: we went to the church building we thought was ours, naturally thinking it was ours cause it's the only church in Virginia Beach, well we live on the "border" so we have to drive 8 miles to church in a different city mind you cause we're on the freakin' border. And to make it worse, church starts at 1pm. ahhhhgggg right at NAP TIME!!! I'd hate to be the nursery leader in that ward. I better knock on wood that I don't get that calling! :) Any way, I'm tired and frustrated, I want to change my background and it's not working at all. I'll try again tomorrow! I'll leave you with a favorite pic of mine that we recently took of Lily and her daddy! Night all! Sweet dreams and don't let the ticks bite! (Every morning after sleeping in Kentucky at Darren's parents house one of our kids would wake up with a tick hitching a ride on them somewhere!) EEEWWWW! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

To Virginia or Bust!

We said good-bye to Texas on June 17th and started our long journey to Virginia with kids and animals in tow. Darren drove the Corolla (with no A/C) and I drove the van. Since the Corolla didn't have A/C, neither the kids or animals could ride with Dad. I don't know what is worse, driving alone in a very hot car; or, driving in an air conditioned van with a dog, cat, and 3 kids! I'm trying to stay with Darren, feed the kids, give them a drink, change their movie, hand them this book, hand them that toy, take their trash, give them this snack, give them this pillow, give them that blanket, pet the dog, tell the cat to calm down, tell the kids to stop hitting eachother, tell them to take a nap, all while trying not to crash. It's a miracle we made it! :) We were able to stop off at Darren's parents house in Kentucky for a few days. It was a much needed break from the drive. They have a beautiful house and property that the kids loved to play in and on. We then headed on to Virginia, made it here, met the movers and got our house here unpacked and feeling more like home.