Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Time!

After the race we all gathered at Sherrie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner! It was great! The kids could play while we all cooked! And the best part? I didn’t have to cook and entire dinner by my self!


What do guys do best on Thanksgiving? Watch football!


Dessert? Yes Please!!!

DSC_9260_3512       DSC_9293_3538DSC_9315_3560DSC_9319_3564

Don’t ask! :)


Poor Debi!


Greenstreet’s Came for Dessert!!!


Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful day!!!

Not only did we run in a race in the morning, then cook dinner, we then did the black Friday pre-sales that night!!! CRAZY!!!!! Here is a short video I took with my phone of that madness!

Wal-Mart Madness! All for a bath-mat! Amazing!

Turkey Derby!

What were you doing Thanksgiving morning?

I was running with my girls!



This is a funny story. The line to the ‘potty’ was HUGE!!! We really wanted to go before we ran, but this line was daunting! Then….. We see this port-a-potty with a door broke off. So….. We grab the door and hold it up for each-other! In and out darlin! That’s what I’m talking about! :) We got some “looks” from others. But you know they were just jealous they didn’t think to do it! ha ha!


And we are OFF! See you at the finish line!

DSC_9120_3356   DSC_9124_3360_edited-1

Darren came to this race to support me! He took pics as he would see me!I’m looking a little tired here! Almost done!


The end! My best time yet. 28 min. 3 miles. Next race I want to get 25 min!

DSC_9133_3369_edited-1      DSC_9145_3381

This was my friend Sherrie’s first race and she killed it!!! Debi and I ran through the finish line with her! Look at the determination in this girls eyes! She motivates me SOOOOO much!!!! She did amazing! And Debi is amazing too! She ran this in like under 24 minutes!

DSC_9150_3386_edited-1   DSC_9152_3388_edited-1

That’s it until next time!