Monday, February 27, 2012

Camp Out!

The Young Men had a campout this weekend. And… Since my husband is the young men’s president he can take our boys! (Cause he can!) :)

The boys LOVE when they get to go! And maybe I do to… just a little!



Darren and Taylor


Mackay and Ashton


Sleeping arrangements! The boys got the inside of the truck cause they were cold! ;)


Darren’s sleeping quarters….. so funny


Making Fire! A boys favorite thing to do!


Paintball TIME!


Darren and the boys


Ouchy! Ashton got hit! ;) Ethan got hit too, I’ll not show those pics! He has some nice welts in some not so nice spots!


Another successful campout!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

K8 The GR8!

Tomorrow is Kate’s Birthday! Last year I was the WORST friend ever and didn’t do a darn thing for her! So I owed her BIG time this year! Thankfully we were able to get away from our 4 kids (each) and our husbands were able to take over while we got away for a few hours! First stop: Bangkok Garden (Thai Food Baby!)

And it was YUMMY!

Again, all I have on me is my phone. So these pics are the best we could get of our day!

photo 2 - Copyphoto 1 - Copy

Poor Kate having to endure all my picture taking!

photo 3 - Copyphoto 4 - Copy

Sooooooo GOOD!!!

photo 5 - Copyphoto 6 - Copy

Next stop: Spa Pedicures!

photo 7 - Copyphoto 8photo 9photo 10

Next stop: BUCKLE! That’s right! I’ve been dying to see her in a pair of Buckle Jeans! We were able to find her a cute pair! And who knows why I didn’t get a pic of her in them! I think I was too excited to see them on her I totally forgot to get my camera out! Here’s pics of us goofing off in the store while the lady altered her pants!

photo 12photo 15photo 13photo 14photo 16

We also swung by American Eagle, Hollister, and Old Navy. Some of my FAVORITE stores! It was sooooo much fun just me and her and ZERO children! Awwwww!!!!

photo 17

Happy Birthday hot mamma! I L♥VE your GUTS!!! You are one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had in my entire life! Here’s to you and many more fun birthdays! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

♥ Day

We started off the day with ♥ shaped pancakes for the kids. Then helped them pack their valentines in their backpacks. Lily and Ashton took these cute “fish” valentines. Ethan was “too cool” for that. :-/

photo 16photo 17

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a girl so I can do her hair? Look how cute her “heart” hair-do came out! :)

photo 18

Then it was “library day” for Jake. We went and did story time, and then the rush was on! I ran to the store, grabbed a big stuffed animal, some balloons, chocolates, and a card and headed off to Darren’s work which is FAR away!

(I don’t know how the heck he can stand driving that far every day!)

Here’s me and Jacob driving to his work. I was blowing balloons and throwing them in the car as I tied them.

photo 6photo 20

Now…… My plan in my head was WAY different than how it turned out. But…. It got done, sort of. What started out as 55 balloons ended up to be about 15. I finally found his work, found his truck, opened it. Jake then started being “Jake” and was helping me by throwing balloons out of the van faster than I could grab them and throw them into Darren’s truck. The wind was blowing, I had to pee, Jake was honking the horn, balloons were popping and flying away faster than I could throw them in his truck, but I managed to get a fraction of them in there! The I propped up that giant dog, placed the chocolates and card and slammed the door!

photo 8

Oh ya, I wrote on his windows too! I got some strange looks from “military people” as I was on top of his truck drawing on his windows. But it was fun! That’s all that matters! :)

photo 9photo 11photo 10

Later that night, Darren and I went for sushi at Kanpai! Love that place! WE stuffed our faces with yummy food! Then he took me to Macy’s to pick out a pair of brown boots that I’ve been wanting for sooo  long! Thank you! :)

photo 13photo 14photo 15

♥ Happy Valentines Day everyone! ♥