Monday, April 25, 2011

Dawn's Family's Visit

Darren's Sister Dawn and her family came to visit us from Kentucky during spring break! We had so much fun with her family! We're so grateful for the effort they made to come to our home to spend some time with our family! Dawn LOVES the beach and misses it so much! So the 2 days we were here, we spent at the beach! This post is HUGE, and I apologize. As I've said before, this blog is our family's journal and it's more for us, than really anyone. But we really enjoyed their visit and we're so thankful for camera's that can capture and save a moment forever!

Doran getting his 'fins' wet!









Ethan and Conner digging up sand crabs

Cobie with her daddy

Cute Dawn with Doon

Lily and Cora

This dog was hilarious! And Cobie kept her eye on him!


All the kids having a blast!



My Lily


Picnic on the beach

Yummy! Want some lunch with that sand?


Seriously beautiful!


At home grilling. This is funny. Every time Dawn turned away, Darren pulled funny faces and poses, and every time she looked at him, he'd act normal! I was laughing pretty hard!

She's going after him now!

Yummy pineapple!



Funny faces...... in the family! ha ha!

She just got licked! But I was nice enough to rub it off! ;)

Lily and Cora. Inseperable!

Enjoying dinner!

Nothing better than corn on the cob!

Every time we're together, I think Curtis and I play either "name that song" or "name that movie". Here I am with his ipod trying to guess what song he puts on out of his small list of over 5000 songs!

We had a blast! Again, sorry for the long post, that is if you even made it this far! Make sure you check out the "older posts" to see the photo shoot of their family at the beach and our family's Easter!