Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Ashton!

We started off the day with “mini-wheat” cereal. (That was what the birthday boy asked for if he could have anything in the world for breakfast) Easy child! Then off to school he went and then “off to the races” I went! It was a BUSY afternoon, but I got it all done. I was able to make it to his school to bring his class cupcakes during lunch….. Here are the pics from that. Then I was off to grab decorations and presents and come home decorate and wrap before he got home from school!

P4300039 P4300041P4300043P4300044

Jacob stuffing his cheeks with cupcakes. And giving Ashton a hug!


I looked up and saw this little cutie headed towards me! Apparently her class came in after Ashton’s for lunch. I didn’t see her but she saw me! She left her table and came and sat down with us! She is sooo cute!


*Back at home*


Don’t have helium? No problem! Hang balloons upside down from the ceiling! ha ha!


I asked Ashton what kind of cake he wanted (expecting the usual, white, or chocolate, or sprinkles) The answer he gave me was “I want a baseball cake!” Um…… ok? Hmmmmm. So this was the best Darren and I could come up with! We were up late last night putting together this “baseball cake!” He loved it! That’s all that matters! ;)


Presents from Grammy Sue and Grandpa Steve

P4300062 P4300063P4300064 P4300066P4300067

DSC_0830 P4300075

DSC_0832 P4300077

Make a wish!


P4300082   P4300083

Happy Birthday Ashton! We love you!!!

Gr8 to be 8!


Sue Howe said...

Special, special!!!! I'm so glad to see these pics. and especially the cake. Great job. I am so glad I was able to talk to you all too. Love you all so much, Grammy

Kate said...

The cake turned out CUTE! And so are the cupcakes!!
And Lily IS super cute!
And Ashton is one lucky boy!
And does that kid have a mohawk?
Love you guys!
Happy Birthday, Ashton!!