Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ashton’s Baptism


Ashton was baptized! He was so excited! He looked so cute in his little white jumpsuit! We are so proud of you Ashton!

P5050027 P5050029P5050030

Getting ready!! :)


Ashton was 1 of 3 boys to be baptized. The font water was LOW! The first two boys had to be baptized twice. I knew my husband was “observing this” and I knew the wheels in his head where turning as to how to “keep Ashton down”. As they came in the font, Darren had Ashton sit on his bottom! It was super cute. The water was already up to his shoulders, so he barely had to lay his head back! And…. Only get baptized once! :)

Love you Ashton! We are so proud of you!


Sue Howe said...

Super wonderful!!!!! Ashton just glows!!!!! You all look so good. What a wonderful day. I love you so much, grammy

Kate said...

Ashton is sooo cute! I love that kid! What a special day for him, and he will always remember that he had to sit down! How cool is that? :) I'm so glad we were there! Love you guys!