Sunday, April 29, 2012

It’s G8T to be 8!

Ashton Benjamin was born on April 30th 2004

The second he entered this world he has brought tremendous joy to our family! He is a very peaceful, easy going person. He loves to have fun, laugh, and “go with the flow”.

He was the best baby EVER!!! That kid rarely made a peep! I was floored that a baby could be so good! (Especially after my first experience!) Ashton is a peaceful fun little guy and we love him to pieces!

Ashton is so thrilled to FINALLY be 8! He is so excited to get baptized and become a “big kid”! We love you Ashton! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!


000_0002_14 000_0010_15

*Age 1*


*Age 2*


*Age 3*


*Age 4*


*Age 5*

*Age 6*


*Age 7*



We ♥ you Ashton! Happy Birthday!


Kate said...

Oh My Goodness! What a cutie! I loved loved love the pictures! You need to post more baby pictures of the older two....I forget I haven't know you guys that long! I love his 1 year old picture! How cute are they? And Ashton is a chunk!
I'm so excited for IS great to be 8!
....I may need to make him something special....

Briana Mann said...

I, on the other hand, REMEMBER Ashton at 1 and 2 and can't believe Ashton and 8 go in the same sentence. I know Braeden is 8, but shouldn't Ashton still be like 3 or something!!?? Happy Birthday, Big Guy!!

Taylor said...

I thought you posted pictures of Jake- not Ashton. Man they look alike! Happy Birthday Ashton! We hope you have a GREAT birthday. We will be by later with a present :)

This is Sherrie. Not Taylor :)

Sue Howe said...

Oh, my sweet Ashton! Happy Birthday today from Gramma and Grampa. We love you. All the pictures of each year are so special. Just love them all. Thank you for keeping us updated with these special pictures. Love you all.