Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shamrock 8k

Another Race down! This one by far was one of my most favorite races to be a part of!

Here is my bib that I wore. And since Kate couldn’t race she made all of us a cute “Irish Gatorade” for the race! How sweet is that?

photo 16photo 17

Right before the race! Getting anxious!     There were a TON of people!

photo 7photo 11

Did I mention there were a TON of people there?

photo 6photo 9

The Race is finished! The weather was amazing. I got one of my best times and they gave a medal! Super cute!

photo 1photo 3

Me with Caroline.         The gang who raced: Robin, Caroline, Debi, Sherrie, Aaron, Julie, and Carrie

photo 4photo 20

Robin, Caroline, Debi, Sherrie, Carrie

photo 14

Sherrie has ran the most races with me! She keeps pushing me and inspiring me to keep on running!

photo 15photo 21photo 22

Oh ya, incase I didn’t mention, there were a TON of people there!

photo 23


Briana Mann said...

So proud of you, Robin! That's awesome. I won't crash your blog with a bit old long post, but I'll send you an email instead. Love you!

Taylor said...

Love me a good race! This was by far the best.

Taylor said...

Dang it. This is Sherrie...not Taylor! Would have been a bit creepy if it was. :)

The Farrell Family said...

Thanks for talking me into this amazing event!! It was sooooo much fun!

Kate said...

I never commented? What the?

Anyway....you ROCK my socks!
Good job on ANOTHER race! Girl, for saying how much you "love" running, I am beginning to think you "really" love it! :)