Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photographer Ethan

Ethan begged and pleaded to take our “old” camera with him on his school field trip to the aquarium. I let him. I was a little hesitant, but after all. It is our old camera. The flash is broken, and the battery “door” is held together by a hair elastic. :)

Here are some pics he took at the aquarium. He did pretty darn good!



Face shot on the bus ride home! He’s silly!


Here are some funny pics he has taken outside of the other boys.



These are hilarious face shots Ethan took of Ashton. Ashton is very expressive and hilarious! I love his personality! :)


This picture is actually pretty cool!



Kate said...

I'm sure Ethan thought he was SO cool carrying around the camera. Seriously, you get major "coolest mom ever" points here! He did really good, too!

Sherrie said...

The pictures of Ashton are classic! What a funny kid:)

Sue Howe said...

I love the pictures. Ashton is a sweetheart. Love him to pieces. Love Grammy.