Sunday, February 5, 2012

This and That

We have a new church building! It is beautiful! They have been building it for the past year and now we finally get to “move in”!  I will admit I kind of feel a little melancholy about it. We have been going to our old one since we moved here and we shared the building with the 2 Norfolk Wards. I will miss seeing some of the folks there. I’ve grown to love many of them as well! But, this building is beautiful, new, full of the spirit and a great place to worship! After church today Ashton said, “mom, this church isn’t new, it’s just like our old one! It looks the same, we do the same things.” I smiled and used that as a teaching tool about how amazing our religion truly is! No matter where you go, the church remains the same. A pillar of light, a beacon of something that remains constant in an ever changing world! I love that no matter where we go, our churches will most likely look the same, and we know what is being taught inside is the same and is in harmony world wide! Here is the link that has the story about our new building. IMG_4137 (2)_thumb

Other things…….

This Lizard sure has taken a beating, but she keeps on going! Jacob let her out of the cage and chased her down with a stick. Well he got a good whack at her and broke her foot. It was literally hanging by skin. I put her back in the cage expecting to see her pass away soon. Felt bad that she was suffering. But since then her foot has fallen off. Her leg has healed and she is now our 3 footed lizard! She is Jacob-proof! for now…….

photo 1photo 2

Here’s a shot of Darren playing PlayStation with Taylor. Darren actually hasn’t played video games for a very very long time. So I had to document that he’s actually playing! I’m glad he got a little boy time! :)

photo 4photo 5

Jacob L♥ves bike rides! and I mean LOVES them! The weather has been beautiful lately so we take advantage of anytime we can go!

photo 6  photo 8

Bantu Knots!

I LOVE that I have a daughter who lets me do her hair! I’m so grateful Heavenly Father gave me at least one girl! And I also love that she likes long hair! (more for me to pay with) So I’m always looking for fun things to do with her hair. And because her hair is so long and she has so much of it, it’s hard to spend time curling it in the mornings before school. I’ve done the “sock bun” thing a ton in her hair in the evenings and that works pretty good with giving her curls in the morning, but then I found

Bantu Knots! They ROCK! Look how cute her hair turned out in the morning when we took these out! Her hair stayed curly ALL day!

Even in humid Virginia

photo 11  photo 12

Love this girl!

photo 13photo 14photo 9

Very random post, but hey, it’s all I got right now! ;)


Cassidy said...

ohhh, her hair IS pretty. I do those buns/knots on megs, only I just do it as cute little pigtail ones for fun during the day. They DO always leave the best curls.

Debi said...

sweet! I love the post and all its randomness. Ada likes bike rides too but I have to put her in the trailer with tyce so it isn't as fun! Have a good day!

Sue Howe said...

Love the post. Love the bamboo knots in Lily's hair. Love the curls too. Love and miss you all so much! Hugs and kisses.

Alan said...

Hooray for new church buildings!

The Bantu knots are cool!

Kate said...

Hooray for new church buildings...and friends who take pictures of them! {You know you stole my picture!}

Lily is SO STINKIN ADORABLE! I can bring her home with me? Please? Love her hair. It makes me want long hair. :)