Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Another pinewood derby! Here is Ethan’s 3rd car that he has made. This one turned out really cool! He was pretty impressed with it!


After getting there and actually having the car weighed. It was still really light. So what did I do? taped and then hot glued nickels onto his car to help it “make weight”! :)


The other kids enjoyed watching and cheering on Ethan’s car!


Flag Ceremony


Finally time to race his car!


It took dead last most of the time! (chuckle) After the first time losing Ethan came up to me and said: “Let’s go! I’m over this!” I laughed and told him he needed to stay and be a good sport! Despite losing, his car still looked cool and he had fun watching the races!


Another year down. Next year we’ll be doing this with Ashton! :)

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Sue Howe said...

SOOOOO Cute!!! I loved all the pictures. Ethan's car looked so good. I especially loved his saying the scout oath and the flag ceremony. Wow there are a lot of young scouts that will belong to Darren soon. Love and miss you all.