Friday, January 27, 2012

My Husband is Pretty Cool!

It’s rare that Darren can get pictures when training. But I’ve been nagging him to and I’m glad he did! Here are some pics of what he does nearly every day either at the shoot house or with the helo. When they go out to sea on the Navy’s helo’s he can’t really take pics, but when they do ground jumps they are able to get some good shots! :)

We are proud of him and his boys think he’s the coolest thing EVER! ;)

2010-03-09 12.16.032010-03-09 12.16.442010-03-09 12.19.162010-03-09 12.20.532010-03-09 12.34.33090713-G-7518E-013090722-G-0847E-117 (2)DSC_1684IMG_5685IMG_5711IMG_5695IMG_5696IMG_5698IMG_5699IMG_5722IMG_5724IMG_5766MSRT Endurance Event - 27MSRT Endurance Event - 30MSRT Endurance Event - 51PC070021PC070026PDK_7332_JPG


Sue Howe said...

We love you Darren!!!! You are such an amazing son, and with a body of steel from all these technical maneuvers. Thank you for sharing with me. Love you all so much, mom

Alan said...

Pretty awesome!

Kate said...

Your husband has such a boring job! NOT! Your husband rocks! Parker loved seeing these pictures!