Friday, January 27, 2012

Locked up!

It was a typical Thursday night. I was down stairs trying to get dinner cooked and get the kids out the door to go to scouts. Then I hear a blood curdling scream upstairs. I run up thinking one of my kids is dying. Nope, just Ethan handcuffed to his bed. I just stopped, stared at him and almost started laughing. Mainly laughing at how hard he was crying over something so silly. I told him to chill. I looked for the “toy keys” and then quickly realized Ethan hadn’t used play handcuffs,  he found his dad’s real handcuffs from work. Different story.

The keys to these are on Darren’s gun belt. Where? At work with Darren in Chesapeake almost an hour away. So…… Ethan got to sit there and wait! And we didn’t make it to scouts!

photo 10photo 11photo 12

The one thing I loved the most about this was his brother Ashton never once left his side. He stayed up there with Ethan. Ate his dinner up there with Ethan and supported him. (I have to admit it was kind of nice having him handcuffed up there!)  ;)

photo 6photo 4photo 5

Dad finally got home. Came to Ethan’s rescue!

photo 7photo 1

Hopefully he learned his lesson! ???? We shall see.

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Sue Howe said...

Oh, little precious Ethan being locked up. Now he knows exactly what flat Stanley felt like to be locked up in jail (Steve's project for Ethan on Flat Stanley). Wow even the deep marks from the cuffs on his wrist. I especially loved Ashton in the room supporting Ethan and then the big smiles on Ethan's and Darren's faces as they hugged after being set free. Reminds me of our Savior Jesus Christ's Atonement for us. We are always set free because of the Atonement, but we have to repent of our own sins and then both we and the Savior smiles and we hug when we are set free from our own bondage of our sins.

Eric and Aubrey said...

So funny! When we're at my parents house Carter always wants to play with my Dad's handcuffs. One time we were getting my dad out of the house for his surprise party and not paying attention to the kids because we were in a hurry. I recall them telling me Ashlyn's ankle was handcuffed to the pinball machine, but we forgot and all adults had left the house. On our way to the restaurant, we got a call from my older niece "Um, Ashlyn's still handcuffed and she's pretty upset." Thankfully my brother had keys and would be in town in 20 mins. Sorry baby! Hang in there - I'm on my way to lunch! :) Life is an adventure, isn't it?

Whitney Jo said...

HA HA! I LOVE your family how funny! Great story to have to tell his future girlfriends!

Kate said...

I bet you did it on purpose so you wouldn't have to go to scouts. Just kidding. I didn't say that, I promise!
I mean, poor guy!