Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trunk or Treat!

Oops! I forgot to post about Halloween! Better late than never…So here it is!

DSC_8148_2466  DSC_8151_2469  DSC_8153_2471_edited-1


Cute Debi!


Debi’s Kids: Loni, Ada, and Tyce with hubby Rick above!


Darren in his “decorate the trunk” efforts. He went ALL out! He had webs, skeletons, spiders, strobe lights, and even Fog! He L♥ves Halloween! :)

DSC_8188_2506 DSC_8189_2507 DSC_8191_2509 DSC_8201_2519DSC_8208_2526    DSC_8209_2527    DSC_8216_2534

Friends and Costumes! Fun!

DSC_8181_2499  DSC_8182_2500  DSC_8183_2501  DSC_8185_2503DSC_8193_2511 DSC_8179_2497 DSC_8207_2525DSC_8254_2572  DSC_8202_2520  DSC_8203_2521

The Primary!

DSC_8228_2546DSC_8229_2547 DSC_8277_2595_edited-1DSC_8264_2582 DSC_8240_2558_edited-1DSC_8273_2591_edited-1 DSC_8274_2592DSC_8249_2567  DSC_8284_2602  DSC_8285_2603

Cute Sherrie and Taylor

DSC_8282_2600_edited-1 DSC_8281_2599 DSC_8283_2601

IMG_0581 (3)

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Sue Howe said...

What cute pictures!!! Love them all and especially the last one here of you and cute Kate. Love you all. Hugs and Kisses to you all. Grammy Sue