Saturday, November 12, 2011


When you have 4 kids and each one wants their own pumpkin to carve….. That equals a TON of carving and scooping! Sorry for the dark pics!


Here they are!

DSC_8763_3030DSC_8774_2903DSC_8780_2978DSC_8789_2918DSC_8797_2926DSC_8799_2997DSC_8802_3000DSC_8800_2929   DSC_8801_2999     DSC_8803_3001DSC_8805_3003  Halloween-1

And 6 pumpkins equal a TON of pumpkin seeds! Yummy!!!



Sherrie said...

Awesome pumpkins! You guys are fun :)

Sue Howe said...

Loved all the cute pumpkins and the costumes. Fantastic painting job on Ethan's face! Cute Lily, Ashton and Jakey. I really loved to see all the good pumpkin seeds too. So glad you kept them to chew on. They are actually good for you all. Love you, Grammy, Sue