Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hunt Club

Another October “thing” we do. Go to Hunt Club, to pet the stinky…. I mean cute, adorable animals, ride the hay ride, and then pick out our pumpkins!

DSC_8300_2631DSC_8297_2628DSC_8301_2632DSC_8302_2633DSC_8299_2630DSC_8304_2635DSC_8294_2625   DSC_8308_2639DSC_8310_2641DSC_8311_2642DSC_8316_2647    DSC_8320_2651    DSC_8321_2652DSC_8317_2648DSC_8324_2655DSC_8325_2656  DSC_8326_2657DSC_8329_2660DSC_8330_2661

Hay Ride

DSC_8333_2664 DSC_8334_2665

DSC_8340_2671DSC_8347_2678DSC_8348_2679DSC_8342_2673  DSC_8344_2675DSC_8351_2682    DSC_8352_2683    DSC_8353_2684DSC_8349_2680DSC_8362_2693DSC_8354_2685DSC_8359_2690DSC_8367_2698    DSC_8369_2700    DSC_8370_2701DSC_8381_2712DSC_8382_2713DSC_8380_2711DSC_8378_2709


DSC_8374_2705    DSC_8379_2710    DSC_8387_2718DSC_8385_2716    DSC_8389_2720    DSC_8390_2721

When Jake asks me for a chicken, I’m gonna get him a chicken!

DSC_8392_2723    DSC_8393_2724    DSC_8397_2728DSC_8398_2729    DSC_8399_2730    DSC_8407_2738DSC_8402_2733  DSC_8401_2732DSC_8405_2736  DSC_8411_2742DSC_8410_2741DSC_8408_2739DSC_8415_2746DSC_8414_2745

Darren’s face is classic! You know he’s thinking: “You better not poop on me!”

DSC_8416_2747   DSC_8418_2749DSC_8420_2751 DSC_8421_2752

The Three Little pigs houses really were made of straw, stick, and brick!

DSC_8424_2755DSC_8425_2756DSC_8423_2754DSC_8457_2788 DSC_8463_2794DSC_8479_2809 DSC_8481_2811

Pumpkin Time!

DSC_8495_2823 DSC_8496_2824DSC_8499_2827 DSC_8500_2828

♥ I love these 4 Kids! ♥


♥ Mums and Pumpkins make me happy! ♥

DSC_8516_2844DSC_8529_2857DSC_8523_2851DSC_8533_2861DSC_8535_2863DSC_8534_2862DSC_8519_2847 DSC_8536_2864DSC_8542_2870DSC_8545_2873DSC_8547_2875DSC_8555_2883DSC_8556_2884

Another Year Down!


Sue Howe said...

Mums, Pumpkins, Ethan, Ashton, Lily, Jacob, Robin and Darren make me HAPPY. Such great pictures. Another wonderful family experience. Love you all and miss you too.

Taylor said...

Maybe you could post a few more pictures of this "thing you do". :)

This is Sherrie....not Tay

Hansen Adventures said...

first of all you are GORGEOUS! Seriously. I loved that post, the kids look adorable and you are the best mom for grabbing a chicken! Only a mothers love... ;) Love ya!

Briana Mann said...

Love all the pictures, looks like a lot of fun! So fun to see you all smiling!

Wish upon a Starr said...

You have such a cute little family!! Love the pics of you chasing the chickens, that was pretty funny. What a good mommy you are!

Chelsea Cisneros said...

so cute! I love all of the pictures! PS Cute earrings ;) Luv ya