Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ghosts and Goblins!

I promise this is my last post involving anything October or Halloween! But the pics and events were too fun not to blog!

A couple families from our ward gathered at the Burton’s house for some yummy soup in bread bowls before the trick or treating began! Thank you Burton’s for always opening your home! We had such a great time! Nothing better than good food, friends and fun!

DSC_3275 - Copy (2)  DSC_3277 - Copy (2)

Beef Stew!                         Chicken Veggie!         Baked Potato Soup!

DSC_3285 - Copy (2)DSC_3286 - CopyDSC_3287 - Copy

Seriously? Is there anything better than a hot bowl of homemade soup in a bread bowl? I think not!

DSC_3284 - Copy - Copy   DSC_3301 - Copy

Cute Brooke! Princess Toad! Lily and Emma! Rick and Tyce!

DSC_3280 - CopyDSC_3294 - CopyDSC_3300 - Copy

Dig in!

DSC_3305DSC_3306DSC_3310 - Copy    DSC_3312 - Copy

Parker and Easton.               Ethan.                   MacKay and Easton.

DSC_3320DSC_3322 - CopyDSC_3324

Lily and Paisley!                               Brooke with her sister Hillary!

DSC_3326 - Copy  DSC_3330 - Copy

“Quit taking my picture!”            Okay, I’ll take my own!!! ;)

DSC_3335    DSC_3344


My kiddos! In different costumes than the night before!

(This year I vowed not to waste money on costumes because we have a tote jammed packed with costumes! So they got to dig through and come up with whatever this year! It worked just fine!)

DSC_3363 - Copy

             Preston!                                                    Loni!                    

DSC_3353                         DSC_3359 - Copy

Getting ready to go trick or treating!!! They were all so excited!!!


(After the group picture the kids took off running! I don’t know if Jacob was confused or felt defeated and left behind, but he ran and started to hide under the van.?.?.?. Before I pulled him out I had to snap a pic! Silly boy!)

photo 4 (4)

Kate, Debi, Sherrie, and Brooke!         The firemen handed out whole candy bars!

DSC_3369 - CopyDSC_3371


photo 4photo 5

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