Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Williamsburg Part 3!

Colonial Williamsburg! (Now this is what I’m talking about!)


DSC_7602_1943     DSC_7596_1937

Downtown Williamsburg is purely magical! I love love love this town! We parked the car and just started to walk. Not really knowing where or what we were gonna do, but it was great!

I took pictures of a lot of the store signs, I thought they looked cool!

DSC_7730_2065   DSC_7729_2064DSC_7749_2084   DSC_7731_2066DSC_7746_2081  DSC_7751_2086  DSC_7777_2112   DSC_7747_2082     DSC_7727_2062DSC_7750_2085    DSC_7726_2061

DSC_7705_2040 DSC_7706_2041DSC_7707_2042   DSC_7718_2053   DSC_7732_2067        DSC_7735_2070DSC_7733_2068DSC_7734_2069  DSC_7740_2075DSC_7737_2072  DSC_7739_2074DSC_7742_2077  DSC_7744_2079DSC_7738_2073  DSC_7752_2087

As we walked we found a part of town that you could not drive on. It was strictly for walking or horses. So neat! The homes, and stores were old and historic!

DSC_7759_2094  DSC_7760_2095

This outdoor store/market was so neat! They sold plants, cotton, seeds, hand blown glass-ware, they even had pomegranate trees!

DSC_7761_2096 DSC_7769_2104DSC_7764_2099   DSC_7762_2097   DSC_7753_2088DSC_7771_2106   DSC_7776_2111   DSC_7774_2109DSC_7772_2107   DSC_7775_2110

As we walked through this part of town, we started to hear something like drums, and flutes (fife’s similar to a piccolo). As we got closer, we saw men marching in uniform. We came upon this field and talk about being at the right place and the right time, they were starting an American Revolutionary War Reenactment!

DSC_7781_2116  DSC_7782_2117

DSC_7792_2127   DSC_7789_2124DSC_7788_2123  DSC_7790_2125DSC_7794_2129  DSC_7801_2136 DSC_7809_2144 DSC_7813_2148DSC_7803_2138 DSC_7819_2154DSC_7820_2155 DSC_7825_2160DSC_7829_2164 DSC_7831_2166DSC_7832_2167 DSC_7834_2169DSC_7842_2177DSC_7791_2126

Seriously? Can it get any cooler than that? It was an amazing experience our family had! The kids LOVED it! They wanted to pack our bags and move to Colonial Williamsburg that night! We will for sure be coming back for a visit!


Briana said...

WOW, very cool! Thank goodness for cameras... and digital ones at that! Loved all the pictures.

Kate said...

How cool is that? Seriously!!