Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Williamsburg Part 2! (Jamestown)

Even Pirates need naps!

DSC_7611_1946_thumb2 DSC_7612_1947_thumb1

After Golfing we drove into Jamestown. It is such a beautiful drive and a gorgeous chunk of country to drive through! We were able to see the Jamestown settlement and visit the glass house!

DSC_7601_1942  DSC_7603_1944  DSC_7613_1948DSC_7602_1943    DSC_7616_1951

Walking to the glass house.

DSC_7618_1953   DSC_7625_1960

The kids had to take off their shoes and dip their feet in the Powhatan River!

 DSC_7631_1966  DSC_7639_1974

Yep, Still Crashed out!

It was actually good timing for Jake to nap since we were

headed to the glass house! :)

 DSC_7629_1964   DSC_7636_1971DSC_7640_1975   DSC_7619_1954DSC_7624_1959 DSC_7643_1978

It was such a neat experience to watch how they make glass!

DSC_7654_1989      DSC_7646_1981      DSC_7655_1990DSC_7660_1995    DSC_7674_2009DSC_7647_1982    DSC_7678_2013DSC_7661_1996   DSC_7656_1991DSC_7677_2012DSC_7676_2011DSC_7679_2014DSC_7680_2015 DSC_7681_2016 DSC_7682_2017DSC_7685_2020 DSC_7651_1986 DSC_7667_2002DSC_7648_1983DSC_7652_1987DSC_7658_1993   DSC_7659_1994DSC_7668_2003   DSC_7670_2005DSC_7673_2008  DSC_7675_2010DSC_7686_2021DSC_7687_2022

Old Discovery Ships!

DSC_7700_2035DSC_7703_2038   DSC_7716_2051

Jamestown was a fun and beautiful experience!


Kate said...

i've lived here for HOW long now and I haven't been to Jamestown? {in my defense, I have taken the Jamestown ferry across. Does that count?}
Love all the pictures!

Hansen Adventures said...

that looks like sooo much fun! I wish we would have done that while we were there... Nick went but I never did. You look gorgeous and I love you dearly :)