Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Texas!

Tiffany Kamp and I have been friends for about 8 years now! I met her in Galveston, TX where we were last stationed. Me and her became really good friends really fast! We were stuck like glue! She had the opportunity to be in our neck of the woods for about 24 hours and she came to see me!!! It was so fun to be with her again and catch up!

DSC_6909_1650_edited-1     DSC_6910_1651_edited-1


      Her Daughter Kendall                                      And Mackenzie

DSC_6919_1660_edited-1          DSC_6920_1661_edited-1

Lily and Kenz


Lily and Mackenzie hit it off fast, just like their mommies did! They played hard and long! Never left each other’s side! Super cute!

DSC_6937_1678_edited-1    DSC_6938_1679_edited-1DSC_6939_1680_edited-1    DSC_6944_1685_edited-1DSC_6940_1681_edited-1     DSC_6941_1682_edited-1

One thing about Tiff and me is we laugh and laugh and laugh. Almost till the point of no-breathing! And it didn’t take us long to pick right back up where we left off! Major goof-balls!

DSC_6942_1683_edited-1    DSC_6943_1684_edited-1   DSC_6945_1686DSC_6946_1687    DSC_6947_1688   DSC_6950_1691DSC_6959_1700DSC_6949_1690DSC_6960_1701

Could our mouths be any wider?


    Love this girl!                                 They already love each other!


Off to the park….. in the rain! :)

DSC_7003_1257              DSC_7011_1265DSC_7029_1283DSC_7040_1294 - CopyDSC_7041_1295 - CopyDSC_7052_1306       DSC_7054_1308DSC_7049_1303      DSC_7057_1311   DSC_7071_1325            DSC_7077_1331

I have a really cute husband! :)

DSC_7081_1335DSC_7083_1337DSC_7087_1341      DSC_7091_1345 DSC_7094_1348DSC_7097_1351 - CopyDSC_7163_1417 - CopyDSC_7168_1422 - CopyDSC_7111_1365 - CopyDSC_7215_1469_edited-1 - CopyDSC_7263_1517DSC_7254_1508DSC_7259_1513DSC_7286_1540_edited-1DSC_7297_1551DSC_7284_1538_edited-1DSC_7225_1479_edited-1    DSC_7218_1472_edited-1DSC_7282_1536DSC_7293_1547DSC_7294_1548DSC_7302_1556DSC_7314_1568_edited-1 - Copy


This was a HUGE dog!

DSC_7338_1592 - CopyDSC_7339_1593 - CopyDSC_7340_1594 - CopyDSC_7347_1601 - Copy

Home from the park, time to make our own pizzas!

DSC_7363_1617 - CopyDSC_7364_1618 - CopyDSC_7365_1619 - CopyDSC_7372_1626 - CopyDSC_7373_1627 - CopyDSC_7378_1632DSC_7380_1634DSC_7381_1635DSC_7386_1640

I love you Tiffany! Thank you for making the huge effort to come visit us!


Eric and Aubrey said...

How fun! I was just thinking of Tiffany last night and wondering how she was doing. I'm not so good at keeping up..... Thanks for the pics!

Chelsea Cisneros said...

I loved to see those pictures! HOw fun that you have such a good friend you can laugh and laugh with! You have such a good hubby to take pics! You need to show me how you put the pictures like that side by side!! If you have time, and it isn't too hard maybe you could inbox me on facebook how you do it. !! xoxoxo

Miss you guys!!

Kate said...

YEAH for friends! I'm so happy you were able to hang out and have fun! Stinks about the rainy weather--you guys rock for not letting that interfere with a fun time!