Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Williamsburg Part 1!

Last Friday we drove to Williamsburg as a family. We spent the entire day up there and had a blast! We took sooooo many pictures, so it was hard to choose what all to post about!


This General Store is so fun! They have so many fun things to look at and buy inside! Lots of homemade crafts, foods, and decorations! I could spend a long time in this store and in the Trading Post down the street!


Darren and the kids HAD to go into the Ripley’s Museum. So, we went. Definitely not my favorite part of the trip, but still fun.

DSC_7396_1738   DSC_7402_1744DSC_7403_1745     DSC_7408_1750

This was cool. The picture of the bank below is from my hometown in Vernal, UT. Basically they bricks for this bank were sent from Salt Lake and the cheapest way to do it was sending tons and tons of bricks by mail! They wrapped and mailed each brick individually!

DSC_7418_1760  DSC_7419_1761

Violin made from Match sticks!  Statue of Liberty out of chewing gum!

DSC_7436_1778          DSC_7440_1782

Yep, popcorn!                            Funny!

DSC_7441_1783          DSC_7449_1791

Okay, done with the museum thank goodness! ;) Now on to a really fun place! The Yankee Candle Store! Super cool and fun! WE LOVED it!

DSC_7525_1866DSC_7470_1811   DSC_7471_1812DSC_7474_1815       DSC_7478_1819DSC_7476_1817     DSC_7477_1818DSC_7481_1822_edited-1  DSC_7491_1832  DSC_7499_1840DSC_7479_1820_edited-1     DSC_7501_1842DSC_7503_1844     DSC_7505_1846DSC_7508_1849    DSC_7509_1850    DSC_7519_1860_edited-1DSC_7522_1863   DSC_7523_1864   DSC_7524_1865

Another “kid requested” outing. Miniature Golf. They had fun, we got through it! :)

DSC_7528_1869  DSC_7530_1871  DSC_7531_1872DSC_7535_1876  DSC_7539_1880  DSC_7548_1889DSC_7570_1911         DSC_7575_1916DSC_7534_1875    DSC_7587_1928DSC_7591_1932    DSC_7593_1934

I refused to drive to Williamsburg to go miniature golfing and see the Ripley’s Museum. I needed some culture and history! Thankfully in part two & three of my posts, you’ll see the historic side of Williamsburg and Jamestown! My favorite part of the trip! :)


Sue Howe said...

The pictures are good of all the things you were able to see and do as a family. I especially like this picture at the bottom of Robin and Darren with their heads and hands (arms) hanging through the torture thing. Robin looks like she was tired. Such fun!!! Love you all!!!!

Kate said...

you guys did a TON! how cool are you? isn't Yankee Candle amazing? we love that place....did it snow on you guys? give me 5 of those candied apples please! stat!
we haven't taken the kids mini golfing yet....someday. someday. :)

Sue Howe said...

I love it when Darren has the expression on his face and body like he does above at the top of the pictures. Way to go Darren. You're a great man!