Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Love to see the Temple

Our primary had the opportunity to visit the Washington D.C. Temple for a stake primary activity! We had a great turn out from our ward and the kids really enjoyed going to the temple and feeling the spirit that comes from being so close to such a sacred building!


Driving Pictures! Almost there!


We made it! Such a beautiful sight to see the temple spires peaking up through the trees!



Darren entertaining Jacob with “helicopters”!


Sister Blair (Stake Primary President) Preparing the children.


Ben Taking my pic (Their blog has me shooting a shot at him!) :)

DSC_6629_0975      DSC_6657_1003

Lily and her close friend Emma!

DSC_6665_1011     DSC_6624_0970

Let’s Go! The children following Sister Blair!


It is not hot and humid and I’m not impatient! ;)

   DSC_6671_1017           DSC_6685_1031DSC_6680_1026DSC_6687_1033

So pretty!


Cute Jacob taking time to smell the flowers!



DSC_6729_1075DSC_6753_1099DSC_6739_1085  DSC_6740_1086  DSC_6758_1104DSC_6735_1081       DSC_6752_1098DSC_6767_1113       DSC_6774_1120

Ben and Darren being good Daddies and ‘hauling’ their tired kiddos back!

DSC_6784_1130    DSC_6786_1132 - Copy

Love this girl! Kate the Great!


               Snack Time!                                  Andrew (Emma’s Brother)

DSC_6796_1142        DSC_6792_1138 - Copy

     Ethan enjoying that apple!                       Funny Jacob ready to GO!!!

DSC_6797_1143     DSC_6802_1148

Temple Kids

We had a wonderful time at the temple! The kids enjoyed it too!


Sue Howe said...

What an awesome picture of the Temple from the road. Such a great experience for the children to remember. You all look so good. As I look at the last picture of the primary children with the Temple in the back of them, I see Ethan (Stewart) Ashton (Jerry) and Lily (my Robing), I can't help but live in the past. Love to you all. What a great experience. Love the music too.

Cassidy said...

How fun. The DC temple really is such a beautiful temple. I love how it just comes out of nowhere when you are driving on the freeway. So awesome.

Sue Howe said...

I love how serious Ethan's face is in one of the pic's. Impressions are lasting to these children as they see and visit this Temple.

Kate said...

What? I never left a comment? :)
What a fun trip! The only thing that would have made it better is if we could have done a session. was such a great trip!
Love ALL the pictures! You seriously have the cutest kids ever!