Sunday, June 5, 2011


Silly random post, but hey, it's a Sunday night, I'm bored and so hey.....I'll post about my foot! About a week ago, it was a typical morning. Kids are eating breakfast, I'm trying to help them get out the door to school. I walked around the corner to our den and smacked my little toe on the door frame, then 5 feet further, smacked the same toe on the computer chair. It HURT!!! Then after about an hour, I realized it still hurt, really bad! Then it started getting puffy like a little sausage. So I figured it was more than just a stubbed toe. But there's nothing much you can do for a busted toe any way.
Then at Ashton's x-ray appointment for his wrist, the doctor saw my toe and said, "hey, ya know we're allowed a couple 'mess up' x-rays per patient." She told me to throw my foot on the table and took an x-ray of it. Yup, it's broke. They quickly eliminated the 'evidence' after looking at it. She said to just wrap it to the next toe and take care of it. I asked if I could still do my upcoming 8k race in 2 weeks and she said I could try to walk/run it. But not to over do. So any who. It's all good. Just sore. And as with any boo-boo, it always seems to be stepped on more, smacked more, and ran into ALL the time! And I stubbed it again yesterday morning on the same stinking computer chair! Ugh! Some day it will heal!
Here is way more pics than you'd ever want to see of my foot! But hey, again, I was bored! And that's a rare thing! So be glad I'm not bored more often and have more time on my hands! ;)

Wow, that nail polish is looking sad!



Debi said...

Love it! I love the toe shots. They are funny. I like that you were able to find out that it really is broken. Lots of times we do that and we just never know for sure. Poor toe. Just because it is the smallest doesn't mean you should pick on it. Love ya Robin. Debi

Brewer Bunch said...

OUCH!!! That looks so painful! I hope you survive the 8K - you really are the iron woman!

Sue Howe said...

Double Ouch! Love you so much!