Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to..........ME!

32 short years ago, I was born! Getting old! ;)
Today was a typical 'mom' day, but I still had a great day! Woke up early, fed the kids breakfast, drove Ethan and 2 other boys to scout camp, ran some errands, went grocery shopping, baked my birthday cake (angel food, had to attempt to stay healthy), fixed lunch, picked up Ethan from scout camp, yadi yadi yada. In between all that I had pleasant birthday happenings. My mom called me first thing this morning to wish me happy birthday and to remind me of how much I mean to her like she does every year. She is so sweet to me. (she had lost a baby girl a few years prior to my birth, so she says she treasures me and my existence). I'm just glad I was born! ;) Love you mom!
Then speedily going through email with the mouse button on 'delete' as usual, I had a gift certificate from Debi for Victoria Secrets! I almost deleted it! Thank goodness I didn't!! Thank you Debi! Then I got a birthday text from Sherrie who is visiting her family in Utah. She'll be gone way too long, but it's for good reasons. I got an awesome cell phone video from my hubby proclaiming his un-dieing love for me and wishing me happy birthday! ;) Then Brooke just popped by with some 'healthy' hummus and pita bread and some 'not healthy' mini peanut butter cups. Thank you! So yummy! Then I got called by my brother Stewart, always a pleasure to talk with him. Then Kate came over with an AMAZING dinner and homemade cupcakes (pictures to follow), Then UPS delivered a package from my other brother Jerry. This package weighed like 60lbs! He ordered me some weights I had on my wish list on Amazon! When I talked to him, I asked him as kindly as possible to please tell me he didn't pay for shipping the weights!!!! He assured me it was free from Amazon! Thank goodness!!! ha ha! Then I got a special letter from my hubby. And a promise of some 'shopping' tomorrow! ;) I enjoyed the night with my family eating WAY TOO MUCH good food, playing outside and just being happy to be me!
Here is what Kate shows up to my house with! After I had made an angel food cake trying to be healthy. How could I resist these adorable cupcakes? And isn't she adorable too?
Aren't these the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen? They are called Banana split cupcakes. 'cough, clear throat....ready begin....' Okay, you have a banana cupcake base, then inside after it's baked it is filled with chopped strawberries and pineapple, then it's topped with a healthy dollop of cream cheese butter cream frosting, then chocolate ganache, sprinkles, and of course a cherry on top!!! Seriously???? This girl is CRAZY! But they were so stinkin' good! Worth every CALORIE!! and I may have ate 1, or 2 or 3. Yep, 3! It's my birthday I'm allowed!
Jealous much?
Okay, Kate is going to kill me for not doing this salad justice. But frankly I was so hungry to dig in, I only took one pic and then devoured it! So, I will tell you what is in this bad boy!!! It's the best salad I've eaten!!!! Okay....... Salad part..... Greens, cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, jicama, scallions.....I think that's it? Here's how it all goes together: You toss your salad with ranch or this awesome cilantro dressing she brought me, or mix the two together, that rocks too. Then put that on your plate. Now the fun part. You place sliced avocado, shredded chicken that has been bathed in bbq sauce, shredded cheese, and yummy crispy tortilla strips. Then try and walk your plate to the kitchen table without dumping all your saliva on your plate! Dig in. Seriously the yummiest salad to date! This poor picture below does not do it justice. But man it was good!
Now, enjoy the next few pics of me and Kate. It's quite comedic actually! Couldn't resist!
So Darren (the photographer moves us outdoors for 'better light')
Then of course I have to be silly. Poor Kate was a good sport
Things are going well. We're laughing etc...
Super cute...... Then......
BOOM! Oops! I told her she was so light I could do squats holding her. Well, I did a squat, but didn't quite get up! Poor Kate's booty! She landed right on the bottom of the tree stump. She assured me she was fine, but I really think she'll have a bruise on her booty the size of Texas in the morning! :( Poor girl! But still funny pics!
This magnet was on the card Kate gave me. How cool is a card that comes with a magnet?
Now this is extra special to Kate and I. The bottom says: "Good friends are like fat thighs-they always keep in touch" Kate and I are both booty girls. We have junk in our trunks and in the legs of our trunks! That's where we're always trying to work out at the gym! So this is extra funny to us well endowed hipster girls! ;)
This mamma is tired and full of TONS of salad, but I still have to dig into those cupcakes!
Now, here's my 'healthy cake' that I had started my day off with good intentions in making it! ;)
32 years! Crazy! And I have a beautiful family to show for it! I couldn't be more blessed!


Kate said...

so--i'm glad you enjoyed the salad. i wasn't sure if it was too cheesy to bring a salad for dinner--normally you get casseroles! :) it IS the best salad ever, and i can bet you'll be dreaming about it the next couple of days {if you've eaten all of it tonight!} trust me,you'll be wishing you had more! or, that's just me!
so, are you saying i've got some junk in my trunk? huh? i see how it is!
and my {bottom} does hurt...a little! you FELL on me! ha! it'll be fine, i promise. i just won't ever let you live it down! we are such nerds.
happy birthday, girly! i'm glad you had a good one!

Sue Howe said...

Such fun Birthday pictures. So good to have close friends, especially the thighs touching each other all the time. That is just too cute. I always check Kate's blog too. Kate you are a special daughter, sister, mother, wife and you like Robin, choice daughter's of God. I'm so grateful for your caring for each other. And the cupcakes and salad did look absolutely delicious. Love you all. Robin you present was shipped yesterday from Seagulls. Hopefully it will be there soon. Love you so much. I thought about my being in labor yesterday the day you came into this world. A very special time. Love you all so much.

Wish upon a Starr said...

I thought the salad sounded delich, so I zoomed in on it to take a better look. You captured a fly in flight. It looks pretty cool. It's off to the right, about middle of page. Check it out, it's pretty cool!! Sounds like you had a blast!! I also love the thigh quote, I will be using that one!

Wish upon a Starr said...

I said right but I meant the other right (left). ;)

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. I remember when you were born. We moved into the cul-de-sac just after Cameron was born. Yeah, I remember you spending most of your days in the summer in a swimming suit with bare feet and a free spirit. I always enjoyed it when you played the piano at our house in the morning before school and how cute you were with Kait and how you liked to do her hair in a little twist on her head. You're a cute mom. Keep it up!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Happy birthday! You look beautiful and as amazing as ever. I'm glad that you enjoyed your day.