Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'!

Thank goodness we were able to go strawberry picking before the big storm. We are still holding out hope for one more "good pick" before the crop is over. We'll see. I wanted to be able to take the boys too. We'll see. Here are some pictures of our little trip to pick berries with Kate and her kiddo's.
Lily and Jake starting to pick!

Searching for the perfect spot!

Here's some good ones!

Look Mom! I have 3 in my bucket!


Kate's Daughter Parleigh




Cute Lily enjoying the yummy strawberries!

The boys

Mamma picking like crazy!

Open wide!


Strawberry drunk

Me and half my kiddos!

Parker making Lily laugh!

Parker took this one of me and Kate! He did a great job!


Cassidy said...

YUM!!! And you look AMAZING. I want a good stomach.

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Yummy! Eat some for me! :) Mike and I were SO impressed with your Blood, Sweat and Tears entry. You look beautiful inside and out (always have). How did you do it Robin? Was it just good ol' fashioned diet and exercise?

Kate said...

that was super fun! thanks for being somewhat spontaneous and going with me! love ya! ;)