Sunday, May 29, 2011

Father and Son Campout

Darren got back just in time to take the boys on the father and son camp out! They had a blast. And Lily, Jake and I, chilled at home and went to bed early in our nice, warm, temperature controlled, soft, cozy, beds! ;) The boys had a blast and I'm thankful to a very tired daddy after being gone training for 3 weeks (camping out for 90% of the time I might add) who got home, and turned around to take his boys camping......AGAIN!

Their sleeping quarters!

Ashton trying to roast his hot dog or marshmallow without getting smoke in his eyes!

gathering firewood

Ethan chilling

Nothing like the hypnotizing campfire

I love how dirty Ashton's face is! So cute!

Looks like Ethan has a stick in Ashton's ear about to mame him, but he assures me the stick is behind Ashton's head!

Seasoned campers!

Thanks again Daddy!

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