Sunday, May 29, 2011

Farewell to a friend

Niesha Paul was here for such a short while, but while she was here we loved having her! She is such a kind sweet person and we were so sad to tell her good-bye! We had a little playgroup/lunch to say good-bye to her and her sweet kids! You will be missed Niesha! You better stay in touch!!! ♥





Cyndi with her cute baby Avery

Debi with Ada

Talisa and Niesha

Our gift to her

Portable dvd player for the LONG drive to Montana. I'm sure the kids will/did enjoy it! ;)

Niesha and Kate

Niesha and Robin

Lily and Kate's baby Parleigh. (Lily adores this baby and loves loves loves to hold her! Any chance she gets, she takes it! Good thing Kate is good about it!) ;)

Me taking a picture of Kate

Kate taking a picture of me! Ya, we're corny! So what! ha ha

Good luck on your new adventure Niesha! We miss you tons already! The people of Montana are lucky to have you and your family!

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Kate said...

ahhh, i miss niesha so much! let's take a road trip and go see her! :) lily can come take care of parleigh any time! k? promise? thanks!