Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!

My sweet sweet baby boy turned 2! Time has FLOWN! I could say soooo much about my little Jacob. He is small, but packs a punch! He is smarter beyond his years and keeps me running every minute to make sure he's staying out of harm/trouble/mischief. He has brought our family sooo much joy since he came. We love him so much and are so thankful Heavenly Father gave him to us!

The reason for the water balloon pictures are to explain why in the upcoming pictures he is soaking wet!

Everyone gets to wear this hat on their birthday! Lucky huh?

Present time!

Doctor kit! He loves playing doctor! Especially to the dog! :)

He's tearing open his presents!

TRUCK! As he exclaimed!

AIRPLANE! (His two favorites ever, trucks and airplanes!)

Cool Book!

Spongebob sunglasses! Now he doesn't have to wear his sister's princess sunglasses in the car!

Time to play!

Mamma loves you sooooo much! ♥

Playing with Daddy!

Awww! Big loves! ♥

So cute!

My 4 munchkins! They all were so excited for it to be Jacob's Birthday!

Cake time! As the cake gets near, he's already trying to blow out that candle!

Yay! He did it first try! He wanted to do it over and over again!

Gimmie gimmie!!!


High-Five Dad! Another successful Birthday!

In a sugar coma, just chillin with his favorite toys.

Headed out for some sun and fresh air.

Lily playing "trucks" with her baby brother.

My Silly Ashton

He has not put that truck down!

Blowing dandelions and making wishes!

My sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Jacob! We love you sooooo much! Here's to many many more Birthdays with you! ♥


shay and nick* said...

hey stranger!! You look amazing! Jacob is getting so big, man I remember holding him like 3 days after you got home from the hospital!! He looks like a tiny boy not a toddler, as in he looks way mature for his age! :) haha love you!

Chelsea Cisneros said...

Dang girl you are so TAN! I am more white now and I am in Puerto Rico haha! Cute cute pictures. I can't believe that Jacob is 2! The cake is so cute and looks delish! Lily's hair is getting so long, what a big girl. MIss you guys and good to see some pics. Muah!

Sue Howe said...

Sweet little Jacob's Birthday Party pictures. So very good. So good to see you all. Jacob is such a little doll. You all look so GREAT. Grammy misses you all and sends many hugs and kisses to you all.

Sue Howe said...

I love it that Jacob got a Dr. kit. Too fun!!!!! Grammy Loves you all.

Kate said...

so stinkin cute! those cupcakes looks! i want one! jake is too cute, really, he is! and...might i add, is acting a lot more mature now that he is a two year old! {i don't think he has pulled paisley's hair once this week!seriously!}

Briana said...

I'm glad your so good at posting pictures! Happy Birthday to the little guy!! I've always thought he looks so much like Ashton, and he does, but I can him starting to looking like his own little boy in these pictures. You all look wonderful!!!