Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun in the "cold" sun

It's been a fun Conference weekend. We enjoyed spending time as a family. We were bummed yet excited that Ethan's baseball was canceled yet again due to weather destroying the ball fields. Since Darren leaves tomorrow for a week, it gave us lots of family time to enjoy each other and Jacobs Birthday! We packed a picnic and headed to the park. The wind was CHILLY, but we survived and had fun!

They always throw the ball wherever they can!

Shouldn't surprise me that this is the only way Jacob will go down a slide, since this is the way he gets down our stairs.

Darren took the camera from me, and I'm not thrilled. ;)

Here is our picnic on the grass. Fun stuff!


Sue Howe said...

Oh, thank you for all the great pictures. Darren I see that talent of being able to capture just the right thing in your photos. What a great family. So good to see you all. Love and miss you so much. Grammy

Kate said...

your family is adorable! simply adorable!