Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Or at least we hope!!! It has been a LONG winter and it is so refreshing to actually see the trees and plants start to bud and bloom! It makes me sooooo happy!
I took Lily and Jacob for a little walk and snapped some pics of them.

So cute!

☼Here's to hoping for many more walks and warmer weather!!! ☼


Debi said...

Those were all great pics. Were they with the "new" camera? THe baseball pics are great too, as are the puncture holes. Ouch! Funny. I like Jakes little red jacket. I had one when I was like 4 and my friend still remembers me wearing it all the time. Seeing his just reminded me of it. Love ya Debi

Kathy said...

Your warmer weather.... so not fair. Of course, Ann's boys think it's jacket weather too even though it's only 32 degrees outside. Remember Utah winters? Carter is playing baseball too. Thank goodness for Under Armour. And..... Ethan's wounds made me cringe!!!