Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a great Christmas. Uncle Derek was going to come, but got snowed in Maryland. So we enjoyed a family Christmas with just us and the kiddos.
Here is Darren reading the kids "The Night Before Christmas".

Boys crashed early. They thought they could stay up and wait for Santa. Nope

This little girl, on the other hand had a hard time falling to sleep. But finally did.

Christmas Morning. Ashton got the Wii game he wanted and a scooter from Santa.

Ethan got the electric scooter he wanted, and that's about it! ;) ( he did get some presents under the tree)

Jake got a tractor from Santa and a few other things from us.

Santa brought Lily the "La La Loopsy" Doll she wanted. She was thrilled!

I look sooo tired! I almost didn't put this picture up, but owell! ;)

Darren got me a Fossil watch! I love it! Thank you!

Darren opening his presents.

I wrapped his Ipod super duper GOOD! It included 4 wrapping paper layers with tape, then two wal-mart bags with duct tape layers!

Merry Christmas ya'll. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with your family! ♥

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